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SplitSplit, the biggest port in Dalmatia is also the center of Dalmatia situated between the east part of the Kastela Bay and canal of Split. Split is one of the warmest cities at the Adriatic coast and therefore one of the sunniest towns in Europe. Located in the warmest part of the northern Mediterranean coast, in the very centre of the Adriatic coast, this tourist, economic and sports region guards its green soul on Marjan hill, where a forest park near the city offers a comfortable and quiet atmosphere and a walk far from the town noise. The rich offer for tourists as well as the unique cultural heritage and many cultural and tourist events gives Split its special charm and makes it an ideal holiday destination throughout the year.




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Beneteau Oceanis 3817 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 38Year: 2015.Length: 11,5 m (37,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 1.097€SPECIAL OFFERJeanneau Sun Odyssey 46912 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469Year: 2015.Length: 14,05 m (46,1 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.494€SPECIAL OFFERBavaria 45 Cruiser99 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 45 CruiserYear: 2011.Length: 14,27 m (46,8 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 9from: 1.530€SPECIAL OFFERBavaria 41 Cruiser45 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 41 CruiserYear: 2015.Length: 12,35 m (40,5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 1.700€SPECIAL OFFERElan 45 Impression32 yachtsSailing Boat Elan 45 ImpressionYear: 2016.Length: 13,85 m (45,4 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.890€SPECIAL OFFERHanse 44521 yachtsSailing Boat Hanse 445Year: 2013.Length: 13,52 m (44,3 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 2.043€SPECIAL OFFERJeanneau Sun Odyssey 43931 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439Year: 2013.Length: 13,34 m (43,8 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 2.210€SPECIAL OFFERElan 494 Impression3 yachtsSailing Boat Elan 494 ImpressionYear: 2014.Length: 14,85 m (48,7 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 2.520€SPECIAL OFFERBavaria C57Sailing Boat Bavaria C57Year: 2017.Length: 16,73 m (54,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 7.500€SPECIAL OFFERElan 33325 yachtsSailing Boat Elan 333Year: 2002.Length: 10,45 m (34,3 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6from: 560€Bavaria 3010 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 30Year: 2006.Length: 9,45 m (31 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6from: 675€Beneteau Oceanis 3115 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 311Year: 2003.Length: 9,85 m (32,3 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6from: 700€Beneteau Oceanis 3319 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 331Year: 2003.Length: 10,35 m (33,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 700€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 33i20 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 33iYear: 2010.Length: 9,96 m (32,7 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6from: 700€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32i11 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32iYear: 2009.Length: 9,5 m (31,2 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6from: 728€Bavaria 37 Cruiser43 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 37 CruiserYear: 2007.Length: 11,35 m (37,2 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 738€Bavaria 31 Cruiser6 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 31 CruiserYear: 2008.Length: 9,76 m (32 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6from: 747€Bavaria 33 Cruiser19 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 33 CruiserYear: 2006.Length: 10,45 m (34,3 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6from: 765€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 3512 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 35Year: 2004.Length: 10,75 m (35,3 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 765€Bavaria 3640 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 36Year: 2003.Length: 11,4 m (37,4 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 765€Bavaria 3823 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 38Year: 2009.Length: 11,85 m (38,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 765€Bavaria 39 Cruiser26 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 39 CruiserYear: 2007.Length: 12,14 m (39,8 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 792€Bavaria 36 Cruiser14 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 36 CruiserYear: 2012.Length: 11,4 m (37,4 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 808€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i25 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36iYear: 2009.Length: 10,94 m (35,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 810€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40.310 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40.3Year: 2006.Length: 12,2 m (40 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 810€Bavaria 3718 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 37Year: 2002.Length: 11,55 m (37,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 810€Bavaria 33 New17 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 33 NewYear: 2013.Length: 9,99 m (32,8 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 4from: 810€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 34924 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349Year: 2015.Length: 10,34 m (33,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 810€Elan 344 Impression20 yachtsSailing Boat Elan 344 ImpressionYear: 2006.Length: 10,38 m (34 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 820€Beneteau Oceanis 3939 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 393Year: 2003.Length: 11,98 m (39,3 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 825€Bavaria 34 Cruiser New15 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 34 Cruiser NewYear: 2017.Length: 9,99 m (32,8 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 842€Beneteau Oceanis 3432 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 343Year: 2007.Length: 10,6 m (34,8 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 855€Bavaria 37 Cruiser New60 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 37 Cruiser NewYear: 2014.Length: 11,3 m (37,1 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 867€Bavaria 40 Cruiser36 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 40 CruiserYear: 2008.Length: 12,35 m (40,5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 882€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 406 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40Year: 2000.Length: 12,2 m (40 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 893€Bavaria 418 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 41Year: 2003.Length: 12,84 m (42,1 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 900€Bavaria 4468 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 44Year: 2002.Length: 13,95 m (45,8 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 9from: 908€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i17 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39iYear: 2008.Length: 11,86 m (38,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 935€Bavaria 42 Match12 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 42 MatchYear: 2005.Length: 12,46 m (40,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 940€Elan 374 yachtsSailing Boat Elan 37Year: 2004.Length: 11,33 m (37,2 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 950€Grand Soleil 407 yachtsSailing Boat Grand Soleil 40Year: 2005.Length: 12,29 m (40,3 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 990€Bavaria 42 Cruiser13 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 42 CruiserYear: 2005.Length: 12,99 m (42,6 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 990€Beneteau Oceanis 358 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 35Year: 2016.Length: 9,9 m (32,5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 1.003€Bavaria 46 Cruiser101 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 46 CruiserYear: 2007.Length: 14,4 m (47,2 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 1.035€Dufour GibSea 4313 yachtsSailing Boat Dufour GibSea 43Year: 2003.Length: 12,83 m (42,1 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.045€Elan 40 Impression18 yachtsSailing Boat Elan 40 ImpressionYear: 2016.Length: 11,9 m (39 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 1.045€Beneteau Oceanis 373Sailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 373Year: 2004.Length: 11,25 m (36,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 1.050€Hanse 38516 yachtsSailing Boat Hanse 385Year: 2012.Length: 11,4 m (37,4 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 1.063€Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 New4 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 NewYear: 2017.Length: 11,5 m (37,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 1.080€Beneteau Cyclades 43.424 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Cyclades 43.4Year: 2007.Length: 13,26 m (43,5 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.080€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42i24 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42iYear: 2010.Length: 12,85 m (42,1 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 1.080€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 4315 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43Year: 2002.Length: 13,21 m (43,3 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.088€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 4526 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45Year: 2006.Length: 13,72 m (45 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.100€Bavaria 3913 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 39Year: 2007.Length: 12,14 m (39,8 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 1.105€Bavaria 40S Cruiser32 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 40S CruiserYear: 2012.Length: 12,25 m (40,2 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 1.105€Beneteau Oceanis 4116 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 411Year: 2002.Length: 12,7 m (41,7 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.120€Beneteau Oceanis 4013 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 40Year: 2008.Length: 12,17 m (39,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 1.140€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49i20 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49iYear: 2008.Length: 14,98 m (49,1 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.251€Bavaria 41 Cruiser New10 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 41 Cruiser NewYear: 2016.Length: 12,35 m (40,5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 1.251€Salona 3822 yachtsSailing Boat Salona 38Year: 2012.Length: 11,5 m (37,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 1.260€Beneteau Cyclades 43.32 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Cyclades 43.3Year: 2005.Length: 13,25 m (43,5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 1.275€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.214 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2Year: 2001.Length: 14,15 m (46,4 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.275€Bavaria 4631 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 46Year: 2005.Length: 14,2 m (46,6 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 9from: 1.275€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 4196 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 419Year: 2015.Length: 12,76 m (41,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 1.300€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 38911 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 389Year: 2017.Length: 11,75 m (38,5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 1.304€Beneteau Oceanis 4612 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 461Year: 1998.Length: 14 m (45,9 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.305€Bavaria 46 Vision4 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 46 VisionYear: 2014.Length: 13,99 m (45,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 1.323€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44915 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449Year: 2016.Length: 13,76 m (45,1 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.350€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45DS8 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45DSYear: 2008.Length: 13,75 m (45,1 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 1.350€Elan 444 Impression34 yachtsSailing Boat Elan 444 ImpressionYear: 2011.Length: 13,4 m (44 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 1.360€Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4 cab)63 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4 cab)Year: 2016.Length: 14,27 m (46,8 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 1.386€Bavaria 4935 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 49Year: 2003.Length: 15,4 m (50,5 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 11from: 1.400€Dufour GibSea 5110 yachtsSailing Boat Dufour GibSea 51Year: 2004.Length: 15,8 m (51,8 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 12from: 1.437€Beneteau Oceanis 432 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 43Year: 2008.Length: 13,1 m (43 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 1.440€Jeanneau Sun Fast 43Sailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Fast 43Year: 2004.Length: 13,21 m (43,3 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 1.445€Bavaria 5026 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 50Year: 2005.Length: 15,4 m (50,5 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 12from: 1.500€Salona 452 yachtsSailing Boat Salona 45Year: 2015.Length: 13,55 m (44,4 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 1.575€Dufour 44 Performance4 yachtsSailing Boat Dufour 44 PerformanceYear: 2007.Length: 13,67 m (44,8 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 1.611€Bavaria 50 Cruiser20 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 50 CruiserYear: 2008.Length: 16,7 m (54,8 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 11from: 1.620€Beneteau Cyclades 50.518 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Cyclades 50.5Year: 2007.Length: 15,62 m (51,2 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 12from: 1.620€Bavaria 50 Cruiser7 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 50 CruiserYear: 2006.Length: 15,57 m (51,1 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 9from: 1.620€Bavaria 51 Cruiser25 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 51 CruiserYear: 2016.Length: 15,54 m (51 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 11from: 1.746€Bavaria 50 Cruiser10 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 50 CruiserYear: 2012.Length: 15,57 m (51,1 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 11from: 1.777€Comar Comet 45sSailing Boat Comar Comet 45sYear: 2008.Length: 14,2 m (46,6 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 1.803€Bavaria 519 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 51Year: 2009.Length: 15,5 m (50,8 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 11from: 1.870€Beneteau Cyclades 50.45 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau Cyclades 50.4Year: 2008.Length: 15,65 m (51,3 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 11from: 1.962€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 50916 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509Year: 2014.Length: 15,38 m (50,4 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 12from: 1.971€D&D Kufner 545 yachtsSailing Boat D&D Kufner 54Year: 2014.Length: 16,5 m (54,1 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 12from: 1.980€Elan 514 Maxi6 yachtsSailing Boat Elan 514 MaxiYear: 2008.Length: 16,1 m (52,8 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 12from: 1.990€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 5196 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519Year: 2016.Length: 15,75 m (51,7 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 10from: 2.070€Elan 50 Impression16 yachtsSailing Boat Elan 50 ImpressionYear: 2017.Length: 15,2 m (49,9 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 12from: 2.083€Elan 494 Impression7 yachtsSailing Boat Elan 494 ImpressionYear: 2013.Length: 14,85 m (48,7 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 12from: 2.083€Elan 4502 yachtsSailing Boat Elan 450Year: 2008.Length: 13,6 m (44,6 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 2.115€Hanse 4955 yachtsSailing Boat Hanse 495Year: 2011.Length: 15,4 m (50,5 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 2.150€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS14 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DSYear: 2004.Length: 16,75 m (54,9 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 12from: 2.190€D&D Kufner 54.27 yachtsSailing Boat D&D Kufner 54.2Year: 2016.Length: 16,75 m (54,9 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 12from: 2.205€Beneteau Oceanis 48Sailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 48Year: 2016.Length: 14,6 m (47,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 2.380€Jeanneau 53 - 4 cabins2 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau 53 - 4 cabinsYear: 2010.Length: 16,54 m (54,3 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 2.380€Jeanneau 536 yachtsSailing Boat Jeanneau 53Year: 2010.Length: 16,06 m (52,7 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 10from: 2.380€Bavaria 56 Cruiser10 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 56 CruiserYear: 2014.Length: 16,75 m (54,9 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 10from: 2.516€Hanse 5402 yachtsSailing Boat Hanse 540Year: 2008.Length: 16,15 m (53 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 2.890€Delphia 46 CCSailing Boat Delphia 46 CCYear: 2016.Length: 14,48 m (47,5 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 4from: 3.100€Bavaria 56 Cruiser (5+1)2 yachtsSailing Boat Bavaria 56 Cruiser (5+1)Year: 2015.Length: 16,75 m (54,9 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 11from: 3.200€Beneteau 57 Owner2 yachtsSailing Boat Beneteau 57 OwnerYear: 2008.Length: 17,6 m (57,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 3.546€S/Y SinbadsanSailing Boat S/Y SinbadsanYear: 2016.Length: 21,8 m (71,5 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 4.900€Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS 3 cabSailing Boat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS 3 cabYear: 2006.Length: 16,75 m (54,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 7.000€Vitters 77Sailing Boat Vitters 77Year: 1996.Length: 23,5 m (77,1 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 15.500€S/Y LauranSailing Boat S/Y LauranYear: 1998.Length: 35,05 m (115 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 23.000€Southern Wind 79Sailing Boat Southern Wind 79Year: 2003.Length: 23,99 m (78,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 24.000€Renaissance Yachts WhitefinSailing Boat Renaissance Yachts WhitefinYear: 1983.Length: 27,43 m (90 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 25.000€Custom NaviluxSailing Boat Custom NaviluxYear: 2011.Length: 37,3 m (122,3 ft)Cabins: 6Berths: 12from: 42.000€S/Y AiaxaiaSailing Boat S/Y AiaxaiaYear: 2017.Length: 46 m (150,9 ft)Cabins: 6Berths: 12from: 87.000€

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Sailing boats brands for rent in Croatia: Jeanneau yachts, Hanse, Beneteau Oceanis, Beneteau First, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey, Bavaria cruiser, Elan Impression, Dufour Gib'sea, Grand soleil, Nauticat, Oyster, Hunter, Feeling, X yachts, Comet, Salona, Vektor.

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