Lastovo - The Island of Bright Stars

Introducing Croatia’s youngest Nature Park Lastovo – the imperial island of incomparable traditions, magical night skies, dream-like beauty, and an extraordinary archipelago waiting for all to experience and explore! The island also markets itself as ‘the island of bright stars’ with the island having been declared the most beautiful starry sky in Europe.

Photo of Nature Park Lastovo - Croatia

Like the island of Vis, Lastovo was closed off to foreigners as it was the site of army bases, only allowing visitors since 1988. For that reason, and due to the slightly more difficult nature of getting there, the island has a very remote feel. For centuries, the island of Lastovo was under the Dubrovnik Republic, which is evident in the sheer numbers and value of its architectural and artistic heritage. The city of Lastovo in particular is interesting, situated on the southern slopes, with a series of old Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque-style homes.

Lastovo and its surrounding islands make up the Lastovo Islands Nature Park, one of the eleven nature parks in Croatia. 70% of this group of islands is covered by trees, which makes Lastovo the second most ‘woodiest’ Croatian island. The Lastovo Archipelago is one of the richest and best-preserved botanical areas in the Mediterranean. The flora on Lastovo is determined by the isolation of the open sea, plenty of sunlight and night humidity, as well as the special and deep Lastovo soil. There are 810 species recorded so far, including endangered species, species extinct elsewhere, and endemic and steno-endemic species. There is also an abundance of animal life. 175 vertebrate species have been recorded so far; 71 of them are endangered at the national and 37 at the European level.

Panoramic view over the Island of Lastovo, Croatia

Lastovo is encompassed by a mesmerizing crystal clear coastline that never fails to amaze guests from all around the world. Its white rocky shores are accompanied by the shade of pine trees which create a seaside oasis, ideal for long summer days by the sea. The following bays are yearning for all to discover and explore. They provide the perfect setting for making new memories and will without a doubt, make all of your holiday dreams come true!

Although there are only a few restaurants on Lastovo, there is a wide selection of tasty meals! For 9 centuries the likes of kings and emperors have indulged in Lastovo’s wine, olive oil, and herbs. Lastovo’s delicacies include skewered sardines on the grill, chickpea soup, eel stew, grilled moray eel, and desserts such as doughnuts or Prkle, quince jelly, and biscuits locally known as Skalice. Many local farming families prepare and serve the meat they grow and specialize in roasting it under the bell or Peka.

Gastronomy on the Island of Lastovo, seafood

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