Charter management

What is Charter Management?

Charter management is a program designed to help (future) yacht owners to cover expenses of buying and maintaining a yacht, through charter revenue. If you are interested in buying a boat but you’re uncertain if you’d be able to cover your monthly payments to the bank, berthing and maintenance costs, joining a charter management program is a good idea. Remember, charter management is not intended to make you big money; the basic idea is to help you buy a new or slightly used yacht with the smallest possible investment.

Important notes

If you decide to buy a yacht and join a charter management programs, keep in mind these important things.

Choosing a yacht

When you decide that you want to buy a yacht that you will charter, the first step is to find the right model.
Whether it will be a sailing or a motor boat, larger or smaller model with diesel or gasoline engine, is completely up to you and your preferences. You shouldn’t choose a yacht based on how popular they are for charter, but on your needs and abilities. Think well before making the final decision because you’re buying the yacht for yourself, not for chartering. We can give you some advice on which boats get more enquiries, but don’t get carried away by the idea of making big money; next year things might drastically change.
Find a yacht that matches your needs, the one you like and can afford. You can count on charter income to help you cover most (or all) of your expenses, but make sure you have some sort of backup in case of a bad season.

Financing the purchase

Charter agency is not in any way involved with financing the purchase of the yacht. We can recommend banks or leasing companies, but you must take care of the whole procedure yourself.

Registering the yacht

In order to charter a yacht in Croatia, you must register her under a company, not an individual. If you don’t have a company in Croatia, registering one is a simple procedure that will cost you about 3,000 – 3,500 EUR. Your company doesn’t have to be registered as a tourist agency or any tourism related activity – it doesn’t matter what kind of company you start.

Closing a deal with charter agency

Once you’ve taken care of everything regarding purchase and yacht registration, you set the deal with the charter company. You must decide with services of charter management program you want to use and for how long, define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of both parties. Read more about details of charter management at Yacht Charter Croatia here.