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If you find a yacht elsewhere, let us know. We will either beat or meet the rate quoted by our competitors.
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Jeanneau Merry Fisher 8954 yachtsM Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 for charter in BiogradYear: 2020.Length: 8.9 m (29.2 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6Marina: Biogradfrom: 1,658€Bavaria 29 Sport2 yachtsM Bavaria 29 Sport for charter in PulaYear: 2019.Length: 8.76 m (28.7 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 4Marina: Pulafrom: 1,710€Delphia Platinum 989 FlyM Delphia Platinum 989  Fly for charter in UgljanYear: 2018.Length: 10.7 m (35.1 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7Marina: Ugljanfrom: 1,758€Bavaria 32 Sport newM Bavaria 32 Sport new for charter in PulaYear: 2018.Length: 10.06 m (33 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 4Marina: Pulafrom: 1,980€Saver 750 WAM Saver 750 WA for charter in BibinjeYear: 2018.Length: 7.7 m (25.3 ft)Cabins: 0Berths: 0Marina: Bibinjefrom: 1,750€Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7.5 dcM Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7.5 dc for charter in TrogirYear: 2018.Length: 7.5 m (24.6 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 7Marina: Trogirfrom: 1,640€Mirakul 30 Sport openM Mirakul 30 Sport open for charter in ZadarYear: 2017.Length: 9.9 m (32.5 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 4Marina: Zadarfrom: 1,900€Bavaria S29 OpenM Bavaria S29 Open for charter in BiogradYear: 2017.Length: 8.95 m (29.4 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 4Marina: Biogradfrom: 1,710€Balt 818 TitaniumM Balt 818 Titanium for charter in NovaljaYear: 2017.Length: 8.9 m (29.2 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 5Marina: Novaljafrom: 1,810€Sessa Key Largo 27M Sessa Key Largo 27 for charter in IzolaYear: 2012.Length: 8.58 m (28.1 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 2Marina: Izolafrom: 1,743€Salpa 24 GTM Salpa 24 GT for charter in SukosanYear: 2012.Length: 7.5 m (24.6 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 4Marina: Sukosanfrom: 1,790€Beneteau Antares 13,80M Beneteau Antares 13,80 for charter in SukosanYear: 2010.Length: 13.95 m (45.8 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7Marina: Sukosanfrom: 1,680€SAS - Vektor Adriana 44M SAS - Vektor Adriana 44 for charter in ZadarYear: 2010.Length: 13.5 m (44.3 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7Marina: Zadarfrom: 1,690€Sessa S26M Sessa S26 for charter in TrogirYear: 2010.Length: 7.65 m (25.1 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 2Marina: Trogirfrom: 1,750€Sessa C42M Sessa C42 for charter in SplitYear: 2009.Length: 13.12 m (43 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6Marina: Splitfrom: 1,900€Bavaria 37 SportM Bavaria 37 Sport for charter in SibenikYear: 2008.Length: 11.95 m (39.2 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 4Marina: Sibenikfrom: 1,971€Beneteau Antares 10.80M Beneteau Antares 10.80 for charter in ZadarYear: 2008.Length: 10.8 m (35.4 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 4Marina: Zadarfrom: 1,904€Sessa C35M Sessa C35 for charter in TribunjYear: 2008.Length: 10.6 m (34.8 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 4Marina: Tribunjfrom: 1,844€Courier 970M Courier 970 for charter in Punat, KrkYear: 2008.Length: 9.96 m (32.7 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6Marina: Punat, Krkfrom: 1,800€Bavaria 27 SportM Bavaria 27 Sport for charter in Baska VodaYear: 2008.Length: 8.2 m (26.9 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 4Marina: Baska Vodafrom: 1,900€Cranchi 41 EnduranceM Cranchi 41 Endurance for charter in SplitYear: 2007.Length: 13 m (42.6 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 4Marina: Splitfrom: 1,850€Four Winns 230M Four Winns 230 for charter in ZadarYear: 2005.Length: 7 m (23 ft)Cabins: 0Berths: 0Marina: Zadarfrom: 1,800€Payo 1225M Payo 1225 for charter in UgljanYear: 1989.Length: 12.9 m (42.3 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7Marina: Ugljanfrom: 1,710€Custom TihoM Custom Tiho for charter in ZadarYear: 1984.Length: 12.4 m (40.7 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 8Marina: Zadarfrom: 1,800€

Motor Yachts Croatia - Charter offer

We have a wide range of motor boats for charter in Croatia, ranging from 6 to 25 m. They are available for both skippered and bareboat charter, depending on the yacht size and your preferences. The yachts are arranged in categories according to length
We would like to point out brands for rent we offer: Jeanneau, Prestige yachts, Beneteau Antares, Monte Carlo, Princess, Sunseeker Manhattan, Maiora, Benetti, Ferretti, Elegance, Azimut, Fairline Targa, Fairline Squadron, Fairline Phantom, Searay, Pershing, Sealine, BMB, Gobbi, Bayliner, Maxum, Sessa, Adria and other models

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