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Split - Mini cruisers

Split, the biggest port in Dalmatia is also the center of Dalmatia situated between the east part of the Kastela Bay and canal of Split. Split is one of the warmest cities at the Adriatic coast and therefore one of the sunniest towns in Europe. Located in the warmest part of the northern Mediterranean coast, in the very centre of the Adriatic coast, this tourist, economic and sports region guards its green soul on Marjan hill, where a forest park near the city offers a comfortable and quiet atmosphere and a walk far from the town noise. The rich offer for tourists as well as the unique cultural heritage and many cultural and tourist events gives Split its special charm and makes it an ideal holiday destination throughout the year.


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Mini cruiser BanMini cruiser BanYear: 2017.Length: 47.3 m (155.1 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 40Marina: Splitfrom: 36,000€SPECIAL OFFERMini cruiser Peregrine DalmatiaMini cruiser Peregrine DalmatiaYear: 2012.Length: 39 m (127.9 ft)Cabins: 16Berths: 32Marina: Splitfrom: 24,500€SPECIAL OFFERCustom LeonardoCustom LeonardoYear: 2007.Length: 30 m (98.4 ft)Cabins: 12Berths: 25Marina: Splitfrom: 14,000€SPECIAL OFFERCustom KorabCustom KorabYear: 2002.Length: 25.5 m (83.6 ft)Cabins: 6Berths: 12Marina: Splitfrom: 16,800€SPECIAL OFFERCustom AdmiralCustom AdmiralYear: 2015.Length: 43 m (141 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 38Marina: Splitfrom: 60,040€Custom FantazijaCustom FantazijaYear: 2015.Length: 42.8 m (140.4 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 38Marina: Splitfrom: 60,040€Custom PrestigeCustom PrestigeYear: 2014.Length: 47 m (154.2 ft)Cabins: 20Berths: 40Marina: Splitfrom: 63,200€Custom ProvidencaCustom ProvidencaYear: 2014.Length: 46 m (150.9 ft)Cabins: 21Berths: 42Marina: Splitfrom: 63,200€Custom FuturaCustom FuturaYear: 2013.Length: 47 m (154.2 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 38Marina: Splitfrom: 60,040€Mini cruiser AmaliaMini cruiser AmaliaYear: 2013.Length: 37.4 m (122.7 ft)Cabins: 18Berths: 36Marina: Splitfrom: 25,740€Custom PresidentCustom PresidentYear: 2011.Length: 47 m (154.2 ft)Cabins: 20Berths: 40Marina: Splitfrom: 63,200€Custom LibertyCustom LibertyYear: 2011.Length: 45 m (147.6 ft)Cabins: 20Berths: 40Marina: Splitfrom: 66,360€Mini cruiser SpalatoMini cruiser SpalatoYear: 2011.Length: 36.7 m (120.4 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 36Marina: Splitfrom: 25,740€Custom SkardaCustom SkardaYear: 2000.Length: 30 m (98.4 ft)Cabins: 11Berths: 22Marina: Splitfrom: 13,650€Custom EmanuelCustom EmanuelYear: 1955.Length: 37.6 m (123.3 ft)Cabins: 18Berths: 36Marina: Splitfrom: 26,900€

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