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Gulet Adriatic Queen2 yachtsG Gulet Adriatic Queen for charter in SplitYear: 2008.Length: 27 m (88.6 ft)Cabins: 6Berths: 12Marina: Splitfrom: 13,900€SPECIAL OFFERGulet LindaG Gulet Linda for charter in SplitYear: 2004.Length: 25 m (82 ft)Cabins: 7Berths: 14Marina: Splitfrom: 15,000€SPECIAL OFFERGulet GideonG Gulet Gideon for charter in TrogirYear: 1997.Length: 32 m (105 ft)Cabins: 8Berths: 16Marina: Trogirfrom: 13,800€SPECIAL OFFERGulet AlbaG Gulet Alba for charter in SplitYear: 1997.Length: 30 m (98.4 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 10Marina: Splitfrom: 14,000€SPECIAL OFFERGulet Adriatic BreezeG Gulet Adriatic Breeze for charter in TrogirYear: 2017.Length: 26 m (85.3 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 10Marina: Trogirfrom: 15,000€Gulet MaskeG Gulet Maske for charter in Kastela, SplitYear: 2014.Length: 27.5 m (90.2 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 10Marina: Kastela, Splitfrom: 14,725€Gulet Adriatic HolidayG Gulet Adriatic Holiday for charter in DubrovnikYear: 2008.Length: 27 m (88.6 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 10Marina: Dubrovnikfrom: 13,500€Gulet AltairG Gulet Altair for charter in SplitYear: 2008.Length: 24.5 m (80.4 ft)Cabins: 6Berths: 12Marina: Splitfrom: 12,600€Gulet LoupanG Gulet Loupan for charter in TrogirYear: 2006.Length: 24 m (78.7 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8Marina: Trogirfrom: 13,900€Gulet Anna-MarijaG Gulet Anna-Marija for charter in SplitYear: 2003.Length: 27 m (88.6 ft)Cabins: 6Berths: 12Marina: Splitfrom: 12,730€Gulet MalenaG Gulet Malena for charter in SibenikYear: 2002.Length: 25 m (82 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 10Marina: Sibenikfrom: 12,900€Gulet PerlaG Gulet Perla for charter in SibenikYear: 2000.Length: 31 m (101.7 ft)Cabins: 6Berths: 12Marina: Sibenikfrom: 13,400€Gulet AlisaG Gulet Alisa for charter in SplitYear: 1999.Length: 27 m (88.6 ft)Cabins: 6Berths: 12Marina: Splitfrom: 12,600€Gulet GardelinG Gulet Gardelin for charter in SplitYear: 1999.Length: 27 m (88.6 ft)Cabins: 7Berths: 14Marina: Splitfrom: 12,800€Gulet FortunaG Gulet Fortuna for charter in BiogradYear: 1994.Length: 27 m (88.6 ft)Cabins: 7Berths: 12Marina: Biogradfrom: 13,500€Gulet AbordaG Gulet Aborda for charter in SplitYear: 1989.Length: 30 m (98.4 ft)Cabins: 8Berths: 16Marina: Splitfrom: 12,600€

Gulets Croatia for charter in Croatia

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Chartering a gulet or a motor sailor for a cruise gives you the full experience of Adriatic - so-called island hopping, which is very attractive way of cruising in Croatia, is a great way to visit many places and meet new people. Also, you don't need to worry about anything - the crew takes care of everything on and around boat (fees, fuel, licences); you just need to relax and enjoy yourself.

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