Ugljan - The Island of Peace and Relaxation

Do you dream of a vacation in a picturesque landscape, where you can fully relax? Then the island of Ugljan is the perfect destination for you!

Named after the Croatian word for olive oil, Ugljan makes a great rustic escape from busy Zadar or an alternative place to stay! Only a short 25-minute boat journey across the Zadar Channel, you’ll find the green, mountainous island carpeted with olive groves, and dotted with small fishing ports. It’s a beguiling island that has become a popular weekend getaway for Zadar residents who come for the beaches, bike paths, and hiking trails. 

Aerial view over Ugljan island

The island has seven villages and is one of the larger islands in Croatia. The town of Ugljan is the biggest and it is placed in the NW part, the part that has the most hours of insulation in the entire area thanks to its position.

As soon as you reach the island, you will enter the town of Preko. The name of this town speaks for itself because “preko” means “across” in Croatian. This small town offers a perfect destination to experience typical Dalmatian architecture, with a visit to St. Mihovil Castle being a must while staying on Ugljan. Preko is the administrative center of the island and it’s a delightful place to linger, sipping a coffee along the harbor or strolling the tiny town. From Preko a hiking path leads up to St Michael’s church (265m) with a sweeping view of the island and Zadar’s archipelago and it’s possible to ride a bike along a coastal path all the way to Kukljica – a place surrounded by several outstanding sandy beaches.

Boats in the port of Ugljan

Ugljan has more than 20 km of diverse shore with many small or big coves with crystal clear sea and untouched nature, suitable for swimming, scuba diving, and boat excursions. Crystal clear sea, sandy beaches, small bays, olive trees – you will find all of this on the idyllic island of Ugljan.

During the summer, towns offer numerous events such as fishing festivals, summer theatres, concerts, and exhibitions. And don’t forget to try traditional Dalmatian dishes in small authentic restaurants and taverns! Olive oil, fish dishes, mussels, risotto, and prosciutto are just some of the specialties that you must try during your stay in Dalmatia.

If you want to get away from towns to discover hidden natural beauties, you should definitely go to the other side of the island. Although Ugljan has stunning sandy beaches on the northern side, the hidden coves and beaches on the southern side of the island will delight you! 

Boat anchored on the beach on the island of Ugljan

The island of Ugljan is not only suitable for relaxing and sunbathing though. Since the island has numerous bays and a rich underwater world, it is a real challenge for all adrenaline lovers. This dream location also offers many hiking and biking trails, as well as a wide range of extreme sports activities such as climbing, cycling, and diving. If you want to spend your vacation actively, there are various bike paths available, on which you can visit the coast, but also the inland.

Discover the beauties of Ugljen island, its beautiful hidden beaches, fishing villages, and fortress perched at the top with a beautiful view of Preko, Zadar, and dozens of other islands! The best way to do it is from the comfort of the deck saloon of a yacht. Explore our offer and enjoy your vacation.