Advices How to Purchase a Boat

When you are buying a boat there are so many details to think about like – will you use a vessel just for your private needs or it is going to be rented for some time? What financing model is appropriate for you? What additional features should a vessel include?

If you are importing a vessel from abroad – what procedures should the vessel go through?

Because of all that we strongly recommend having specialists on your side while you dealing with whole procedure. We doubt that you will go into purchase process of some nice vessel – having just raw information from some advertisement paper or some internet advertisement portal. We recommend you our service with a real specialist who will always be at your disposal.

There exist many different ways of buying a vessel – depending on type of buyer. The vessel could be paid in cash, financed through different kind of loans – but the most often used way is leasing. The concept of leasing is somewhere between rent and loan. Leasing debtor repays rates monthly for the vessel that actually doesn’t belong to him. After a leasing period has expired, he can purchase the vessel – but not necessary.

Our experts can advise you about different ways of financing. They will explain you various tax considerations, regarding buying a vessel and some practical details like best leasing companies, banks, tax advisers etc.

We have selected list of different boat types and their description in way to help you to choose best boat for your needs.