Bareboat Charter

Bareboat charter is one of the most popular forms of exploring the Adriatic coast with more than 1200 islands along the Croatian coastline. Bareboat charter is considered chartering s boat with no crew and means you are responsible for the boat and your group and is the opportunity to spend vacation with your family or closest friends completely relying on your own competence in navigation, thus being responsible for the safety of all. It has become the top choice among tourists all over the world.

You actively take role in arranging your own itinerary. Still you can accept some other suggestions from base manager or our skippers. Provided you have enough experience, you are in charge of the boat yourself, with no skipper as guide. It is a challenging adventure indeed.

In this case you need an International Certificate of Competence (competence in navigation). The VHF certificate is also required for reasons of safety (the use and operation of VHF radio). You will find a wide range of boats available for bareboat charter, usually up to 50 feet. All the boats, both sailing and motor ones, are equipped with all the essentials as well as with safety and navigational equipment to make your navigation simpler and easier.
Here is the list of license that are accepted in Croatia: certificate.pdf
If someone from your group does not possess a valid nautical license, no charter company in Croatia will give you the boat without a crew even if you have a lot of experience. Have in mind that you are entirely responsible of the keeping and sailing of the boat and for the safety of your group. During your check in ask our base manager all the questions that interest you besides the ones he was briefing you about.

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