Minimum Technical and Safety Equipment for Yachts in Charter

During your check in procedure you need to make sure that the equipment which is an essential part of it is in good working order. We include in the following list all the items which, according to Croatian laws and regulations, must be found on board a charter vessel at all times:

Insurance of ships and passengers

Vessel and associated equipment is comprehensive insured for any damage to the franchise in the amount of security deposit, deposited upon embarkation. It provides insurance for damage caused to persons or damage to third parties. Insurance does not cover personal injury on board, the damage of items brought on board as well as damages caused deliberately or through gross negligence.

Optional insurance of security deposit, which covers virtually all damage occurred during the charter (Damage Waiver) is in most cases at your disposal. Terms and conditions of this insurance depends on the insurance companies that provide boat, but usually costs 7-12% of the amount of security deposit for the boat to take the charter.
We suggest you to do additional insurance for personal belongings, personal injuries or some other things before your arrival in Insurance Company in your country.

Navigational equipment

Boat equipment

Safety equipment

First aid

The legal obligation for all vessels longer than 15 feet is to have the following first aid kit on board:

Not having a first aid kit, or its deficient contents, put you at risk of being fined.


The tools should all be located in one place and ideally contain:

Spare parts