Children on the board

Children prior to sailing should be explain the rules how to behavior on board that will help them to experience sailing in a safe manner.

The obligation is that children on board at any time need to have a life jacket. Before the boating, make sure that the life jacket was tested on child at home, that it fits properly and is in good condition. Have them wear it in some pool and see how it feels to float in the water, and then you teach them how to swim with the jacket.

Near the beach can be a lot of rocks, garbage, broken glass, and both children and parents should be very careful. Have your child wear water shoes that will protect their feet, and be especially careful when they dive.

Propellers are a threat to anyone swimming near the stern of the ship. Before sailing, show your child where the propeller is rotating to make the boat start. Explain that the blades are sharp and when they are in motion to move very quickly. Help your child to understand that it should never swim near the propeller, and especially not when the engine is running. Teach them to swim away from the ship and propeller in the event that the motor accidentally turned on while the child is in the water.

Before going boating, have your child going down the ladder into the water. Show them how to get into the water and swim or pushes in the opposite direction from where the propellers are located.