Choose boat for charter

When you think about your perfect boat for charter, you will most likely think about the size of the boat and number of cabins, as you already have a number of people in your group, approximate budget and your nautical skills.

Cabin Layout

Firstly, it would be a good idea to divide your group in a number of cabins you would want your boat to possess. For example if your group consists of 8 people you know you need a 4 cabin boat. Have in mind that many charter boats have a double bed in the saloon where 2 people can sleep in. If your group does not mind a lack of conformity, then you can choose a boat with 3 double cabins plus 2 berths in the saloon. If we may, we would suggest to keep the saloon free and to place your group in their cabins.
If you would like to see the boat you are choosing in more details, we kindly ask you to go to the model of your choice and to see the video that we prepared for you. I am sure you will have a better inside then!

Size / Budget / Skills

Here are some formalities about the boat size:

This also reflects the price for the boat, but if you have determined approximate budget, we are sure this will help you in more detail. Another thing that you need to consider is your nautical experience as handling 36 feet boat and 50 feet sailing boat is totally different and the bigger the boat it is more difficult to control it. Have in mind that you can hire a professional skipper at any time in order to have more relaxing holiday.

In the next paragraph, we explained the difference in chartering a sailing boat and a catamaran which is always a big question!