Crew placement


Captain is the highest ranked crew member. He is in charge of driving the ship, taking care of any necessary paperwork and keeping the things on the boat run smoothly…


Skipper drives the boat and keeps it in order, takes care of the paperwork in ports and marinas, transfers the vessel from one marina to another between the charters (if necessary), and takes care of the guests


The hostess is on board to take care of the guests’ needs, prepare meals and keep the boat in order. Together with the skipper (or the other crew members) she cleans and tidies up the boat and cooks for the guests.


Member of the crew, who is completely in charge of food and beverages. The chef is not only responsible for cooking, but also for buying and ordering groceries and beverages, making certain that the boat is well supplied, planning menus, cooking according to guests’ wishes and serving the meals.

Job application

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