Advantages of Crewed Yachts

If you feel uncertain about your competence in navigation and if you are not in possession of the nautical certificate, you are recommended to take the skipper service or fully crewed charter.

Some think that they cannot afford the crewed yacht charter, for it usually leads to the term “luxury”, thus it means more expenses.
First of all, you get the full service, so your only task is to enjoy and relax. Your skipper will take care of navigation, while the other members (cook, hostess) of the crew will be at your disposal for all your needs.

Still, they have their own cabin and bathroom, so they won’t disturb you during your journey. Of course you can take active role in arranging your route and accept some suggestions from your skipper, especially when bad weather conditions involved. You don’t have to worry about technical details, fuel and water, food provisioning or other obligations. Besides, your crew will entertain you with their great stories and adventures form their journeys.

Fully crewed charter is a perfect way to spend your vacation carefree and unconcerned, leaving all the duties to the professional staff. Though it may appear unattainable, you’ll see that it actually pays out. Instead of chartering a luxury yacht, you can obtain all the above mentioned service chartering a less expensive boat, a monohull or a catamaran within your intended expenditures, so afford a perfect vacation for your family.

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