Croatian coast

Croatian coast, one of the most indented coast of the Mediterranean, with its countless bays, beaches, bays, harbors, marinas and a number that represents a paradise for navigation. The natural diversity of the Croatian coast enables rest and stay in a diverse environment.

At the Croatian coast, there are 718 islands, 389 cliffs and 78 reefs. The average winter temperature is 5 ° C in summer, 22 to 27 ° C. On the islands are dominated by a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild and moderately wet winters. The mean annual air temperature over the Adriatic is 17 ° C, with an average of 2,600 hours of sunshine a year, the Adriatic and its islands are among the sunniest parts of Europe.

On the Croatian coast there are many natural ports, bays, beaches, harbors and marinas. There are 47 marinas, which have joined the Association of marinas and over 12,000 sea berths and 7,000 dry berths.

Larger marinas have technical services, cranes, gas stations and several different retail and catering facilities. In most marinas it is possible to rent a yacht, to take the sailing school. They offer services like swimming and excursions for nautical tourism and organized nautical competitions (meetings at sea, a nautical-tourism rallies, convoys, etc.). Croatian coast offers ideal conditions for organizing all kinds of water sports (motor boating, water skiing, speed boating, rowing, windsurfing, jet).