About Cruising Adriatic

For those who want to experience a romantic cruising along the coast of the Adriatic, spend their carefree vacation enjoying the beauty of nature, breathtaking scenery and crystal clear sea we suggest gulet cruising vacation then.

Gulet is a traditional wooden boat, hand built, equipped with sails, though most of the time using the motor power. It can accommodate approximately 14 people. However, larger ones are suitable for more passengers, some even for up to 40. These are very popular among tourists who would like to relax while sunbathing or having dinner watching the sunset from the broad deck. It creates a unique and familiar atmosphere among guests. Most of the gulets are quite luxurious, with air conditioning, each cabin with private head, TV, teak deck, fully equipped professional galley and additional equipment.

You can spend your vacation enjoying the company of your closest friends, thus chartering the whole gulet. You will have the crew at your disposal that will take care of navigation and provisioning. Another option is to take the cabin charter, hence divide the gulet with other guests, which can be as interesting as the first option. Would you like to enjoy the beautiful view, dance all night, hang out with other guests or just relax in your own cabin? The choice is all yours.

Why charter a gulet in Croatia?

List of all gulets for charter in Croatia

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