Environment sustainable development

Croatia takes great pride in beauty of its coast, cleanliness of its sea and diversity of maritime flora and fauna. The exceptionally well-indented coast and clear blue water is a nautical and tourist paradise, a world of natural wonders. This is one of the few so well preserved parts of the world.
Five of eight Croatia’s National Parks, are located on the coast. Brijuni (in Istria) and Kornati (in north Dalmatia) archipelago and the island Mljet are the areas under the utmost protection, because of their wildlife and unique nature characteristics. Beside the National Parks, there are many other areas, which are under different levels of protection, such as Nature Parks (10), Strict reserves (2), Special reserves, Park Forests and others.

Croatian people are well aware of wealth and uniqueness that lies in their thousand islands, high quality water, cultural and historical heritage and tradition, and they are trying very hard to protect them. One of the ways to preserve the nature, but make progress in tourism, is in implementing programs of sustainable development. Last year, 121 of Croatia’s beaches and marinas received the Blue Flag, a sign of well preserved and pleasant area, which is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe. It is a symbol of quality in nature protection programs and top tourism.

Croatia is an ecologically clean and safe area, and we all need to try to keep it that way. Sustainable development in tourism implies responsible behaviour from tourists, as well as authorities.

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