How to book


Booking a boat for charter is a simple procedure so please let us explain entire procedure in just few steps as follows.

To summarize, you need to pick u boat of your choice and a starting base that is of your convenience. Our booking department will send you complete offer together with the desires dates and you your boat is available you will receive our General Charter Conditions together with an offer for payment, like agreed in the contract.

Here is the entire procedure explained in just a couple of easy steps:

Firstly ou need to choose a boat and a starting base but keep in mind traffic connection and a boat availability that you will receive from our booking department. Basically, you will find everything on our webpage except the boat availability. If you wish to charter a boat from different base (marina), we will gladly organize a transfer for you which it is charged extra. You have some major destinations on our website together with its prices under section „transfers“. Once you choose your desired boat, always check number of cabins as we have same models with different cabin numbers. If that suit your need, have in mind that skipper and/or hostess need to have their own berth (if you are hiring them for your trip). After making a decision about the right boat for you, have in mind we can offer you many additional equipment (water toys, sport equipment, outboard engine, etc…) Furthermore, if you do not know which model is the right one for your, our booking department will gladly help you with any suggestion you might need. Just send us a boat type, starting date, number of passengers and sailing area, additional equipment and whether you need a crew or not) and our colleagues will contact you with several offers. You can also fill out a booking form which you can find here.

Secondly, once our booking department receives your inquiry, our colleagues will send you an offer for one or more available boats to your e-mail. In this e-mail you will be able to see everything you need for your decision: boat info, photos, equipment list, base info and price. Of course, if you have any additional questions, just contact them anytime. Once you have that fixed, we can „reserve „the boat for you for a couple of days so you have few days to decide. Have in mind that you cannot delay your decision as the boats are getting booked really fast, especially if the booking season is close to the date. (We always encourage our clients to contact our booking department as soon as possible because of a greater chance to find a boat they want early in the season.)
Now, once you decided which boat to book, make sure to send us a simple e-mail of confirmation where you confirm the boat, date and base.

Finally, once we receive that e-mail from you we will send you offer for payment and our General Charter Condition (valid as a contract) – General Charter Conditions are also published on our web site and we strongly recommend you read them. You are obligated to pay a part of the price immediately upon receiving our offer/ contract, and the rest 4 weeks prior to your departure date.

When we receive the full payment from you, our booking departure will send you a boarding information with all information from our base manager, where the boat is located and main cell phone numbers for your arrival. Just before your arrival (around 2-3 weeks before) you would need to send us filled crew list of all passengers that will be on the boat.

This couple of steps completes the booking process.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all additional information.