Legal Regulations to Pay Attention to

We have made a list of advices and recommendations which are meant as a warning of the adverse consequences to nature which a single person’s irresponsible behavior can have. They represent our contribution and importance of our relationship with nature, and help to maintain the beauties of our coast, sea and islands for all the next generations.


Using restrooms in marinas and harbors is forbidden, and penalties are high. While moored please use the restrooms provided by the marina or a nearby hospitality facility. If you are in a cove, use the restroom discreetly, having first checked for the presence of any swimmers near you.


Never discard any unnecessary items into the sea, nor leave them on the beaches and in coves where you moor, as there is no removal service. Make sure to use the garbage disposal facilities in the marinas and and harbors where you moor.

Open fire

If you decide to make a fire either for barbecuing or simply for pleasure, do it near the waterline, and never in a pinewood grove or near any greenery. Apply extreme care, and never leave the fire unattended even for brief periods as long as there are glowing embers. Having your boat’s fire extinguisher handy is advisable, or at the very least a bucket of water or some impromptu tool which can be used in an emergency.

Signal flares

Use signal flares with responsibility and care, as experience has shown they can cause fires when used inconsiderately.

Protected species

Several plant and animal species of the Adriatic region are facing total extinction. Your overall responsible behavior should include care for the preservation of wildlife. The following should therefore be avoided: polluting the sea, excessive fishing, the spurious killing of animals or plucking of marine vegetation…

Environmental disasters

If you notice any signs of serious environmental damage during your cruise (oil spills, fish kill, fires…) or contribute to any such event, be certain to inform the nearest port authority or rescue service as soon as possible.