Motor boats by type

Motor boats (yachts) charter is the ultimate vacation experience in luxury and style. Motor yachts provide comfort in modern and lavishly equipped interior, with the latest entertainment and technological amenities; sophisticated navigational system, communications, TV, high standard equipment and water toys.

Motor yachts are easy to operate, which is rather convenient for those with little sailing experience. High speed allows you to cover more places in a short period of time, which implies more time for relaxation and less navigation. While smaller boats are available for bareboat charter and are convenient for daily excursions and short cruises, larger yachts are perfect for extended cruises and mostly require a professional skipper or the crew.

One can choose among different types of motor yachts; hardtop, fly bridge, open or custom built, and then again according to the length of course, depending on the charter purpose.

Hard Top

A hardtop yacht is a modern version of an open yacht. Hardtop gives a yacht unique and smooth line without affecting performances. It provides a great protection in rough weather as well as it minimizes exposure to sun. Side screens can be fitted as well, providing complete shelter for the area. These side windows and cockpit air-conditioning vents allow more air when cockpit is covered. However, one can always enjoy an open express design with a simple push of a button. That’s the best feature of the hardtop. It turns into an oversized sunroof. The yacht becomes a sporty open, allowing more light into the cockpit.

A fixed hardtop usually consists of side windows and tempered glass ceilings with electrical sliding roof, which provides a yacht with sporty design. A hardtop gives a yacht completely different line, a new volume. Sliding roof can be either extended to shade the cockpit or retracted to allow more light and space into the cockpit. In both cases, it is made for the optimum use of the deck saloon and the cockpit.

Usually the central part of a hardtop can be retracted, which makes it quite similar to an open yacht. When closed, the hardtop serves as a protection in all weather conditions. The area under the hardtop can be completely closed by a sliding door, possible on larger yachts. While a smaller boat has an open area under the hardtop, a yacht (of greater size) has a sliding door which creates a large accommodation unit along with cockpit, when hardtop opened. When closed, it creates and additional living area under the hardtop

Fly Bridge

A fly bridge is a platform located above the main bridge. It is usually equipped with all navigation controls, actually with secondary set of equipment. As the highest bridge, it serves as an operating station in pleasant weather. It is the preferred place on board for all yachtsmen when leaving or entering a port for it provides a great visibility and panoramic views. Besides, engine controls, steering control, lights and instruments are all close at hand which makes it easy to operate the yacht from the flying bridge.

Fly bridge can be divided into more levels, each with a different functional area. The highest level is an open air pilothouse with all instruments and controls, the full console for easy operation of the yacht. It is not only an operating station. The highest fly bridge is also a leisure area which provides comfort for all passengers, including a settee with a table, Jacuzzi, freezer, etc. The lower level is also intended for entertainment.

One can choose a hardtop for the upper bridge or covering for the seating area on the lower bridge. This option is usually applied when custom yachts involved.


Since the luxury yacht market of the open type has seen an increasing growth in the past few years, many shipyards tend to launch pretty large open-type yachts. Some yachts reach up to 130 feet in length. These luxury yachts reflect creation of new lifestyle, both designer’s and the owner’s personality, completely different from the classical yacht design.

The new approach to construction and design has made these yachts pretty attractive and sophisticated. Instead of simply cutting a yacht, that is, not installing the fly bridge, shipbuilders have come up with radical changes, a new kind of hull. Yachts are now lower and longer, designed to reduce resistance when moving through the water, which makes them easy to operate. Flat bottoms contribute to greater speed with less power. Open yachts have elegant, modern line reflecting the strong character. Passengers can enjoy spacious and comfortable cockpit.

There has been a great interest in these sophisticated and inviting open yachts, with optional hardtop, great performance and modern sporty line. The whole cockpit is opened, which is suitable for peak summer season and rainless days. Open yachts usually have awnings as a protection, mostly bimini top.

Due to their attractive design, these yachts are mostly popular among younger population. They are usually faster than the fly bridge yachts. Full control from the central and the only steering position provides a great experience and the enjoyment of motion and speed. However, open cockpit is not suitable for winter conditions, for there is no protection from rough weather. The maintenance of open yachts is rather difficult, because the cockpit is mainly exposed to all weather conditions.

Custom Built Yachts

Custom built yachts are tailored to meet the requirements of the individuals, thereby reflect the customer’s personal expression. It is the way of life expressed in distinctive environment, created with attention to details and nuances.

It is a designer’s task to highlight each of the customer’s desire, to each and every detail, and to turn it into the best possible solution; from the subdivision of yacht space and interior decoration to the choice of materials and colors. Each element features the highest technology and advanced materials. It’s the world of immense creativity and dedication.

Customer’s basic ideas or suggestions are the main objectives in building these yachts in order to create a truly personalized yacht design. New yachts are custom built from the planning to the construction process, including equipment and decoration, which results in diverse profiles and layouts. Pre-owned yachts undergo extensive renovation works, in spite of being custom built, for each customer has his own conception of the ideal yacht. Renovations include the complete work and custom detailing, interior and exterior modifications, unless endangering the integrity of the design.

Requests usually relate to interior design; the living area. However, these requests often extend to performance and technics, depending on the purpose. The customer outlines all the details including size, layout, materials, speed, etc. Custom built yachts feature distinctive interiors and exteriors, with a maximum of quality and the finest design that implies both technical composition and functionality of the yacht.

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