Planning itineraries

Planning the itinerary should be easy if you have a harmonious crew that has similar ideas with you about the places to be visited. Croatian coast and islands offer a wide choice to visit; the old towns, the small coastal towns, beautiful beaches and hidden coves. The advantage is a very rugged coastline, which given the short distance ensures that each day you are on another island without too many hours of navigation. When putting together itineraries pay attention and anticipate possible anchorages, marinas, gas stations and shelters, which you will certainly need in case of bad weather. When you charter a boat with a professional skipper preferred route can be arranged in advance – the skipper will always plan your route according to your wishes but also according to the navigational features and weather conditions. For crewed charter route is almost always defined in advance but can be customized for you, with the approval of the captain. Always keep in mind that the captain is a person who carries full responsibility for the persons on board and, accordingly, has the last word, especially in situations where well established routes for safety or weather conditions must be changed. If you have additional questions or need assistance in planning the route, please contact us. We will gladly advise and assist in planning your ideal trip.