Return of the yacht

Arrival at the base:
Fridays till 18:00, Check out Saturday latest till 9:00

It’s very important to calculate your way back to the base so that you can return to the marina from where you have started your charter in time, even in case of unexpected bad weather or any repairs to the yacht. Before docking it necessary to refuel the yacht so you need to calculate the time you will need for refueling the yacht. Earlier you arrive it better especially in summer in the high season when gas station are crowded and you need to wait a lot of time if you arrive late. We recommend a payment of the fuel bill on the spot in cash (in Kuna or Euro). Please pay attention every time you refuel gas that the gas gauge has to be set on “zero”. Upon your arrival in marina, please come to our office with the boat papers immediately after docking your boat. We will take care of the billing, return of the deposit, and other various matters. If you need a transfer from marina to the airport or some other destination please be so kind to advise us on time so we can organize everything.