Why renting not buying a boat

If you are thinking about purchasing a yacht, we highly recommend reading this article where we are bringing all the advantages of chartering a yacht instead of buying one.

Firstly, you are not concerned with insurance, maintenance, crew and marina fees which might be quite expensive.

Secondly, you are paying for the charter fee only for the weeks you would like to use your yacht for and you are not concerned with any problems or spare parts that might miss just before your trip.

Thirdly, you are not losing an assets value and you are not stuck with the same boat and place each year. You can always explore different models and brand and what is the most important different places of your choice.

To summarize, there are many reasons to charter a yacht for your holiday rather than buying one.

Chartering instead of buying a yacht means that you can embark, lay back and enjoy your holiday to the highest level letting the crew takes care of the rest for you.