Captain is the highest ranked crew member. He is in charge of driving the ship, taking care of any necessary paperwork and keeping the things on the boat run smoothly.

If it is a bigger boat, with more crew members, the duties among them are arranged according to their post, and usually the captain doesn’t do any physical work (cleaning, making repairs). But if it is a smaller boat, with one or two crew members, it is captain’s/skipper’s duty to do that work, as well as driving. He is also in charge of taking care of people on board – giving advice, answering the questions, suggesting different routes in case of bad weather. Guests can always come to him if they have any questions.

Neither captain, nor any other member of the crew has any contact with the guests before their arrival. If necessary, he will meet the guests upon their arrival and escort them to the boat, as well as see them off in the end. The captain is required to have an adequate licence, depending on the type of vessel, size and sailing location, as well as officer’s certificate, obtained by professional schooling.

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