How to choose charter company

It is very important to choose the right charter company for chartering a yacht in Croatia. You need to be aware that each charter company needs to be registered for charter in Croatia with all the valid licenses and documents.
Another thing that clients need to consider is that it is much better to choose a company that has a variety of yachts rather than only a couple. The reason we are suggestions this is that many charter yachts experience damage during a charter and if you deal with a larger charter company, charter agent will find a much better replacement and a wide range of yachts in order to replace the damaged yacht that you booked for your holiday.
Price is always the same and with a larger charter company, you get a much better quality for your service.

Positive factors to consider when choosing a charter company:
–tCompany experience
–tFinancial stability
– Professional staff
–tSize and location of fleet
–tCustomer service
–tGood prices

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