Crewed charter

Our company offers crewed charter for cruising along the Adriatic coast which consists of: crewed sailing boat, motor boat, gulet or mega yacht. Depending on your preferences you can take one of couple of crew member with you on the boats. Mega yachts and gulets are fully crewed usually consist of captain, deckhand, hostess and a chef and smaller boats usually hire only skipper and/or hostess. If you decide to hire a crew for your holiday, have in mind that there is enough berths for everyone on the boat. Larger motor yacht and gulets have separate crew cabins which is not the case with smaller boats.

Captain / Skipper is the highest ranked officer on board and he has the last word in all ship matters. His only job is to drive the boat and to take care that everything is going smoothly for your holiday. He is the person to discuss the route with as he will always make sure to see the best parts according to your preferences. A captain must possess an adequate license, depending on type and size of the vessel and sailing area, as well as officer’s certificate which he acquires through professional education.

If you decide fully crewed charters that we offer on our megayachts and gulets, the yacht comes with a permanent crew which usually does not change throughout the year. As you might think that crew is not important, we can assure you that the crew will make your holiday unforgettable. Captain is always in charge and he always has the last word and change of plans due to every change in the weather etc.