Financing options

Charter management program gives opportunity to become an owner of a yacht with option of return on your investment within the period of 5-7 years. Charter management enables to cover all expenses of the yacht costs with chartering of the yacht. The basic idea of the yacht management program is to offer to you the possibility to buy a new yacht subject to the smallest possible investment.

Besides cash payment, we offer a very favorable and simple financing model. The yacht of your choice requires only a minimum 38% down payment. Additional guarantees, mortgages, guarantors, solvency and similar are no more required. Regardless of whether you are buying the yacht as an individual or as a legal entity, the yacht will be registered in the Croatian Register of Boats in the name of our company till the final payment. After the payment period, which can be up to five years, the yacht will legally become your property, subject to no additional costs and charges except the value added tax to the yacht-value remained after five years of her commercial charter. If you purchase the yacht as a legal entity, you may reclaim this against your VAT liabilities; if you purchase her as an individual, the VAT paid is unrecoverable.