Maneuvering info and advices

While maneuvering it is very important to keep calm and not go very fast as it is much easier to stop the boat manually if the speed is not fast. Furthermore, it is important to be in neutral position in order to move the boat slowly. Please have in mind that it is much easier to correct the direction of the yacht when in reverse gear. While doing that have in mind to prepare ropes and adjust the height of the fenders on each side and if you wish to stop the yacht manually, you would need to be very strong. Once you start the act of mooring, remember always to more against the wind and never with the wind because you can more easily correct the direction you are headed or even the speed of the yacht, but if you are mooring with the wind, that will not be possible. Another thing you need to keep in your mind that the boat always responds after a certain period of time and never immediately. This is the reason why it is very important to assert in neutral gear, since it takes some time until the yacht responds to the maneuver previously executed. Due to the height of the yacht it is very hard to maneuver in a small port with very strong wind. In this case it is necessary to step on the gas even when you are maneuvering in narrow spaces. But please keep in mind that the yacht always responds after a certain period of time. This is why it is necessary to always just shortly step on the gas when maneuvering in narrow spaces and then to assert the gas pedal in the idle position. This will guarantee a turn of the yacht in the direction that you want, but it will also prevent the yacht from moving too fast, which would make a manual stopping impossible.

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