ACI Marina Umag

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45°26.02′ N – 13°31.00′ E

Address: Obala Marsala Tita 3/II
Tel: +385 052 74 10 63
Fax: +385 052 74 11 66

The marina is open year round. It is located in northern part of the Umag harbor in front of the Adriatic Hotel. It is the Croatian port nearest to Slovenia and is open to international traffic.

A useful landmark for entering the marina is the Adriatic Hotel. You can also notice a church belfry and red light at head of marina breakwater.

The capacity of the marina is 518 sea-berths for craft up to 25 meters and an area for 120 vessels up to 18 meters. The marina is protected by a breakwater, but the winds bora and tramontana can be dangerous. Summer storms can appear with high seas, but they normally don’t last for long.

On the eastern part of the marina there is a fuel station, and other facilities include a reception office, restaurant, showers and toilets, water and electricity hook-ups, laundry, telephone, exchange office, nautical equipment and car park. There is also a slipway, boat hoist (10 t) and travel lift (40 t).

In the Area:
Umag is a town and harbor on the northwestern coast of the Istrian Peninsula. It was built from the Roman village Umacus and was conquered by Croatians, led by a Duke Domagoj. With its beautiful beaches and medieval alleys, Umag is a popular holiday resort. A number of hotels are located in the horseshoe bay in which the marina is also located. Among the most important sights there are the remains of the town walls (14 C) and St. Marija Velika, a Baroque church (18 C). The traditional Umag May Festival is organized every year in the marina.

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