The broker's role for the seller

YCC professional broker pays attention to customers needs and makes the selling procedure easier and rather effortless. He protects the clients’ interest and helps establish the fair market value of a yacht, if necessary.

Our brokers’ competence and professionalism is reflected in providing a marketing plan for your yacht. The first step is to outline an advertising plan for your yacht, to reach the best results and attract the most interested customers.

A range of broker’s services helps promote your yacht; advertising on a web site that is linked to other related sites to expand market presence, connection with other brokers which provides more options, direct contact with buyers, using the existing clients database, etc.

All yachts are presented accurately, including the full specification, technical details and photos, all included in the marketing campaign. A client may be advised to carry out certain modifications and improvements to compete with market in order to present the yacht at its best to prospective buyers.
Our broker ensures that the procedure is carried out professionally and that all the documents are provided; certificate of ownership, security agreement, bill of sale, yacht listing, deposit requirements, closing statement, etc.

YCC broker usually attends the sea trial, if requested by the buyer who covers the expenses for the survey and for hauling the yacht out of the sea. He accompanies potential customers to sea trials whenever possible and informs his clients of any offers made. YCC broker accepts offers on your behalf only with your approval. As a negotiator between buyer and seller, he often ensures a successful outcome for both.

The most important thing is to provide your broker with all necessary documents and yacht details and to sign properly drawn sale contract.