Preparing your boat for sale

Advertising is one of the essential factors when selling your boat. Internet marketing is the most effective advertising method due to its large database of boat and yacht listings. Pricing is another important factor and setting a realistic price is the priority. However, keep in mind that overpricing may have some negative impact on the marketing campaign. In that case, your broker may help you determine the fair market value of your boat. Make sure you have a great image gallery, for boats advertised with only a few photos are less interesting to most buyers.

First impressions are very important when selling your boat. A clean and shiny boat sells faster and it may gain higher price as well. One of the main objectives is to make the best possible first impression, so we suggest you invest some time and money in preparing your boat for sale, for only well maintained boats sell smoothly. Preparations include mechanical repairs, detailing and cleaning.

Your boat has to be in perfect mechanical condition. Check the engines and do all necessary repairs in time. The equipment and all safety items must be in working order, readily accessible, in date as well. The exterior preparation involves washing and waxing, metal polishing and repairs. Having a clean boat interior is essential. All unnecessary items should be removed from the boat, including food, paperwork, personal items, cleaning supplies, etc. The boat has to be cleaned in detail, so pay attention to engine area, clean and dry bilge, clear waterways and drains, empty and clean holding tanks, head, shelves, seat lockers, hatches, cushions, stove, windows, air-conditioning air filters, etc. Steam cleaning, replacing carpets, putting some air-fresheners, replacing cushions…these are all ingredients to successful selling.

These preparations will save a lot of time and money actually. Your boat will be sold in a short time, getting higher price probably, instead of being on the market for months, which in most cases ends up with reduced prices.

We suggest you keep regular cleanings and check-ups in order to maintain your boat in perfect condition, for most buyers request the sea trials and surveys. Make sure every potential buyer gets aboard safely. Long is the list of recommendations for your boat to get ready for sale. However, you just pay attention to basic preparation works and you can get a considerably higher price.