Charter tour info

Even though you might be an experienced driver, we kindly ask you to read the next article as spending 1 or 2 weeks per year at sea might not be enough to remember very important things.

You should never drive without nautical charts of the region you are headed to. It is very important to read them before taking of in order to know what you are expecting.
Another very important thing that you need to have before taking off is a weather forecast. The best is to print one each day and if you not able than at least for 3 days ahead.
If you are driving faster than 5 knots (this applies to dinghies as well), you have to keep 300 m distance to the shore, as prescribed by the Croatian law.

When approaching a certain place, please note the marked shoals and underwater cliffs that are marked on your nautical charts. In case of a strong storm or bad view it is very important to move away from the shore. In case you don’t know a destination or you have to drive through an unknown area, set out early enough, so you don’t have to drive or arrive by night. In case of any defects or damage on the yacht during your charter week, please inform your base manager immediately and he will guide you thought the entire procedure.