Degustation tour

A complete vacation is only possible if you do not need to think about anything and just relax and enjoy. If cooking on your own, you have to plan the menus. Once you have planned the menu you have to buy the groceries and prepare everything. Even if you decide not to cook you have to plan visiting restaurants.

With our special Organic Holidays service package that entails supplying our on-board kitchen with organically grown foods, we can additionally provide the service of preparation and planning of tasty vegetarian and/or macrobiotic culinary delicacies. The well-balanced meals, prepared with love and care by our chef, will fill you with positive energy every day. Apart from full board you can also get advice that might be of help once you find yourself at home again

Our seasoned culinary experts will prepare well-balanced meals for you made of organically-grown whole grains, legumes, vegetables, cold-pressed unrefined oils, spices, integral pasta, dried fruit and nuts. At your request, we can also serve the finest organic wines and juices.

These meals, featuring the aromas and flavours of olive oil, rosemary, oregano and basil, prepared with certified organically-produced ingredients and uncultivated island herbs, truly refresh the mind and body, particularly when you enjoy them in one of the romantic coves of the picturesque Adriatic islands.

Please be so kind to contact us for more details and availability for our Organic holiday.