Charter Investment

Croatia Charter is a professional company not only for charter but also for sale.
Our experience, which reached 10 years of professionalism, permits us to offer the best valuable boat which you can combine with enjoying the boat during the summer for a couple of weeks of your choice. Boating has become a big business over the past years and Croatia has become one of the most attractive countries for a holiday. Having said that, buying a yacht has always seen as a luxury and especially in Croatia where the sizes of the boats purchased are increasing each year tremendously.
Our company can help you make the right choice and what is the most important, we cannot just guide you through the entire process but also advise you what the best investment is and help you calculate yearly return.

Charter investment program was developed with the goal of returning capital of the owners and reduce the ongoing costs of maintaining the vessel.
If you are buying a boat not only for your own pleasure, but you are looking at it as the kind of investment, then we recommend our program that brings to the owner of the vessel benefits other than profit. Some of the benefits are; using of the boat several weeks during the season, regular cleaning, but above all the certainty that the vessel will be under constant supervision of professionals. Invested capital is returned, depending on the type and size of the yacht, after a few years. Our program takes care of the weeks that you as the owner you want to spend on a yacht.
Our agency has many years of knowledge to ensure that your vessel meets current standards, to be advertised properly, and that is rented at a time that suits you and the same agency.

This type of investment offers customers the option to purchase a new or used boat with the least possible investment costs. The goal is not to make money, but allow you to buy a boat with a small investment, and income from the charter is sufficient to cover most of your expenses (leasing, maintenance, charter, marina fees, and various publications during the season …).


Our agency has been established for over 10 years. Our fleet presently consists variety of vessels in all categories; luxury yachts, motor yachts, catamarans, sailing yachts, gullets and motor sailors so please be so kind to contact us for any information you might need.