Yacht management and maintenance

Besides chartering and yacht brokerage we also offer a full program of Yacht Management and maintenance – this way owning a yacht becomes a pleasure as we handle the maintenance of the yacht, management of the crew, accounts and supplies. Yacht management has seen significant growth globally over recent years, as more people turn to the marine industry in their pursuit for leisure activities the demand for professional management has increased.

For yacht owners who live overseas and yet keep their boats in the Croatian area, we will take away the responsibility of the general running of your boat as our professional staff will care for and generally maintain your boat.

Our extensive weekly and monthly schedules will ensure that preventative maintenance is executed reducing the chance of major work and our staff will keep a daily eye on your vessel and if required more regular care will be organized.

Yacht Charter Croatia also organizes crew searches and placement, supervises refits, arranges yacht surveys and advises on flagging registration and taxation details. Yacht Charter Croatia offers a full package of yacht management services to let you enjoy your own yacht without the practical concerns of ownership. You can fully trust your yacht to our expertise, and receive the highest level of support and professional commitment.

As managers, we work closely with the owner and the yacht skipper to maximize the use of the yacht and minimize the running costs – commensurate with having a safe yacht and an efficient and happy crew. We keep the owner and the skipper advised of current regulations and requirements, arrange berths, provide shore-based office facilities for the skipper, attend to the payment of crew wages and other disbursements, source crew as required (directly without extra charge or via a crew agent at cost price), source parts and equipment, liaise with shipyards and other contractors, maintain the yacht’s Certification, and generally take on the owners responsibility for the correct operation of the yacht without harming the owners enjoyment and without spoiling the close relationship which naturally and properly builds between the owner and his skipper, and without in any way undermining the skippers absolute responsibility for the safety of the yacht and all on board – and his authority.

At commencement, we discuss the estimated annual running costs for the yacht with the owner and skipper, then produce a budget and cash-flow-forecast. We receive initial funds from the owner, and account to the owner or the owner’s accountants or office at each month end. The owner have to pay a monthly fee to us for our services. All costs are charged at our actual cost (except for Yacht Insurance premiums – on which we receive a normal commission), and the owner gets the advantage of all discounts, which we enjoy.