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The boats are listed according to charter periods and are subject to availability. To check availability, please contact our booking department.

Your selection is: Motor yachts, 16 m and more

Galeon 640 flyMotor Yacht Galeon 640 flyYear: 2008.Length: 19,96 m (65,5 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 12.400€SPECIAL OFFERPrincess P56Motor Yacht Princess P56Year: 2013.Length: 18,11 m (59,4 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 13.500€SPECIAL OFFERFairline Squadron 58Motor Yacht Fairline Squadron 58Year: 2007.Length: 17,92 m (58,8 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 13.860€SPECIAL OFFERAzimut 68SMotor Yacht Azimut 68SYear: 2006.Length: 22 m (72,2 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 14.200€SPECIAL OFFERSunseeker Predator 62Motor Yacht Sunseeker Predator 62Year: 2006.Length: 19,6 m (64,3 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 17.500€SPECIAL OFFERPrincess 623 yachtsMotor Yacht Princess 62Year: 2008.Length: 19,3 m (63,3 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 17.900€SPECIAL OFFERSunseeker Manhattan 602 yachtsMotor Yacht Sunseeker Manhattan 60Year: 2007.Length: 19,6 m (64,3 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 19.000€SPECIAL OFFERGhibli V8Motor Yacht Ghibli V8Year: 1978.Length: 17,08 m (56 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 3.200€Star Yacht 1670Motor Yacht Star Yacht 1670Year: 1990.Length: 16,7 m (54,8 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 9from: 3.894€Custom 35Motor Yacht Custom 35Year: 2010.Length: 35 m (114,8 ft)Cabins: 0Berths: 0from: 5.500€Star Yacht 1940Motor Yacht Star Yacht 1940Year: 1991.Length: 19,4 m (63,6 ft)Cabins: 5Berths: 10from: 5.525€Yaretti 19102 yachtsMotor Yacht Yaretti 1910Year: 1991.Length: 19,1 m (62,6 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 9from: 5.844€Johnson 56Motor Yacht Johnson 56Year: 1998.Length: 16,97 m (55,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 6.175€Yaretti 2110Motor Yacht Yaretti 2110Year: 1994.Length: 22,1 m (72,5 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 10from: 6.689€Princess V582 yachtsMotor Yacht Princess V58Year: 2005.Length: 18,19 m (59,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 7.500€Sunseeker Manhattan 502 yachtsMotor Yacht Sunseeker Manhattan 50Year: 2005.Length: 16 m (52,5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 7.500€Azimut Atlantis 54Motor Yacht Azimut Atlantis 54Year: 2009.Length: 16,68 m (54,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 7.800€Custom LeeranerMotor Yacht Custom LeeranerYear: 2003.Length: 21,6 m (70,8 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 8.530€M/Y Sibari IIMotor Yacht M/Y Sibari IIYear: 1991.Length: 25 m (82 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 9from: 9.000€Fairline Squadron 59Motor Yacht Fairline Squadron 59Year: 1995.Length: 18,8 m (61,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 9.000€Fairline Squadron 65Motor Yacht Fairline Squadron 65Year: 1992.Length: 20,9 m (68,6 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 11from: 9.094€Aicon 56 FlyMotor Yacht Aicon 56  FlyYear: 2007.Length: 17,48 m (57,3 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 9.400€Pearlsea 56 CoupeMotor Yacht Pearlsea 56 CoupeYear: 2017.Length: 17,04 m (55,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 9.500€Raffaelli Maestrale 53 flyMotor Yacht Raffaelli Maestrale 53 flyYear: 2006.Length: 16,5 m (54,1 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 9.900€Beneteau Trawler 52Motor Yacht Beneteau Trawler 52Year: 2009.Length: 17 m (55,8 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 10.170€M/Y Play FellowMotor Yacht M/Y Play FellowYear: 1966.Length: 30 m (98,4 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 10.600€Skagen 50Motor Yacht Skagen 50Year: 2008.Length: 16,3 m (53,5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 10.780€Azimut 62SMotor Yacht Azimut 62SYear: 2007.Length: 19,06 m (62,5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 11.400€Azimut 55Motor Yacht Azimut 55Year: 2001.Length: 17,51 m (57,4 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 11.610€Fairline Targa 622 yachtsMotor Yacht Fairline Targa 62Year: 2006.Length: 18,88 m (61,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 11.900€Alena 56Motor Yacht Alena 56Year: 2008.Length: 17,53 m (57,5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 11.900€Ferretti 530Motor Yacht Ferretti 530Year: 2003.Length: 16,8 m (55,1 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 12.000€Prinz 54Motor Yacht Prinz 54Year: 2009.Length: 16,97 m (55,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 12.000€Aicon 64 FlyMotor Yacht Aicon 64 FlyYear: 2007.Length: 20,4 m (66,9 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 12.344€Azimut 582 yachtsMotor Yacht Azimut 58Year: 2004.Length: 17,58 m (57,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7from: 12.900€Sunseeker Portofino 53Motor Yacht Sunseeker Portofino 53Year: 2004.Length: 17,04 m (55,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 13.500€Princess 62*Motor Yacht Princess 62*Year: 2008.Length: 19,3 m (63,3 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 14.000€Sunseeker Predator 52Motor Yacht Sunseeker Predator 52Year: 2008.Length: 17,6 m (57,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 14.500€Sunseeker Manhattan 522 yachtsMotor Yacht Sunseeker Manhattan 52Year: 2008.Length: 17,6 m (57,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 15.000€Princess V65Motor Yacht Princess V65Year: 2009.Length: 20,33 m (66,7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 17.000€Ferretti 5912 yachtsMotor Yacht Ferretti 591Year: 2006.Length: 18,33 m (60,1 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 17.000€Azimut 62 FlyMotor Yacht Azimut 62 FlyYear: 2007.Length: 19,22 m (63 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 17.900€Dominator 64SMotor Yacht Dominator 64SYear: 2006.Length: 19,8 m (64,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 20.000€Sunseeker Predator 68Motor Yacht Sunseeker Predator 68Year: 2005.Length: 21,2 m (69,5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 20.000€Fairline Squadron 55Motor Yacht Fairline Squadron 55Year: 2004.Length: 17,05 m (55,9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 10from: 20.700€Maiora 20SMotor Yacht Maiora 20SYear: 2008.Length: 21,4 m (70,2 ft)Cabins: 4Berths: 8from: 21.000€Ferretti 620*Motor Yacht Ferretti 620*Year: 2013.Length: 18,9 m (62 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8from: 22.000€Dominator 640SMotor Yacht Dominator 640SYear: 2014.Length: 19,86 m (65,1 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6from: 24.300€

Motor Yachts Croatia - Charter offer

We have a wide range of motor boats for charter in Croatia, ranging from 6 to 25 m. They are available for both skippered and bareboat charter, depending on the yacht size and your preferences. The yachts are arranged in categories according to length
From our offer we would like to point out our brands for rent like Jeanneau, Prestige yachts, Beneteau antares, Monte Carlo, Princess, Sunseeker Manhattan, Maiora, Benetti, Ferretti, Elegance, Azimut, Fairline Targa, Fairline Squadron, Fairline Phantom, Searay, Pershing, Sealine, BMB, Gobbi, Bayliner, Maxum, Sessa, Adria and other models

Charter pricelist Croatia