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If you find a yacht elsewhere, let us know. We will either beat or meet the rate quoted by our competitors.
*The best price guarantee is only valid for the yachts with the badge.
Lobster 52M Lobster 52 Broker Year: 2012.Length: 15.85 m (52 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8Marina: from: 780,000€Maxi Dolphin 51M Maxi Dolphin 51 Broker Year: 2009.Length: 15.42 m (50.6 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 4Marina: from: 900,000€Fairline Targa 472 yachtsM Fairline Targa 47 Broker Year: 2009.Length: 14.78 m (48.5 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6Marina: from: 360,000€Insark Marine Expedition 45M Insark Marine Expedition 45 Broker Year: 2009.Length: 14.7 m (48.2 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6Marina: from: 500,000€Menorquin 160M Menorquin 160 Broker OpatijaYear: 2008.Length: 15.95 m (52.3 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 7Marina: Opatijafrom: 295,000€Jeanneau Prestige 50 SM Jeanneau Prestige 50 S Broker DubrovnikYear: 2008.Length: 15.2 m (49.9 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 4Marina: Dubrovnikfrom: 435,000€Sessa C46M Sessa C46 Broker Year: 2008.Length: 14.89 m (48.8 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6Marina: from: 475,000€Jeanneau Prestige 46 FlyM Jeanneau Prestige 46 Fly Broker HrvatskaYear: 2008.Length: 14.55 m (47.7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8Marina: Hrvatskafrom: 195,000€Mochi 51M Mochi 51 Broker Punat, KrkYear: 2005.Length: 15.64 m (51.3 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6Marina: Punat, Krkfrom: 373,000€Cruiser Yacht 440 ExpressM Cruiser Yacht 440 Express Broker DubrovnikYear: 2005.Length: 14.2 m (46.6 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6Marina: Dubrovnikfrom: 250,000€Pershing 50M Pershing 50 Broker NovigradYear: 2004.Length: 15.83 m (51.9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6Marina: Novigradfrom: 395,000€Uniesse 48 OpenM Uniesse 48 Open Broker RogoznicaYear: 2004.Length: 15.81 m (51.9 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8Marina: Rogoznicafrom: 480,000€Fairline Phantom 50M Fairline Phantom 50 Broker Year: 2002.Length: 15.79 m (51.8 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8Marina: from: 300,000€Princess 50 FlyM Princess 50 Fly Broker BiogradYear: 2002.Length: 15.37 m (50.4 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6Marina: Biogradfrom: 220,000€Ferretti 480M Ferretti 480 Broker PrimostenYear: 2002.Length: 14.8 m (48.5 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 6Marina: Primostenfrom: 315,000€Princess 480M Princess 480 Broker Year: 1995.Length: 15.23 m (50 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8Marina: from: 239,000€Princess 45M Princess 45 Broker DubrovnikYear: 1991.Length: 14.02 m (46 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8Marina: Dubrovnikfrom: 80,000€

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Motor yachts brokerage - Second hand motorboats - Buying private powerboat - Purchasing renewed motor yacht - Selling used power yacht. Motor yachts are comfortable and well equipped, and managing them doesn't require so much navigational skills and experience as sailing boats. You can choose among different types of motor yachts: hardtop, fly bridge, open or custom built, and the length, according to your interests and skills. All motorboats for sale are in excellent condition and regularly maintained.

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