About charter offer

Chartering a yacht is becoming more and more appealing and attractive way of spending a holiday. It is not only an activity of sea lovers who can’t afford a private boat – chartering a yacht is quite simple, you don’t bother with paperwork and there is a wide range of yachts for you to chose from.

You select a boat according to your preferences, skills and nautical experience. For example, motor boats are quite simpler to navigate, much faster and more spacious than sailing boats. On the other hand, managing a sailing yacht requires greater navigational competence and is intended for more demanding sailors. And for those who want the utmost comfort and luxury, there are many mega yachts at the market; they always come with a full crew so you really don’t need to think about anything but your pleasure.

Another great thing about chartering a boat is that you can rent a different yacht every time – motor or sailing yacht, bareboat or crewed, for longer or shorter cruises, for exciting or relaxing vacation…

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