Avoid the stress at the nautical gas station

Although it may seem rather simple, filling up the tank of your yacht is often more stressful and annoying than one could imagine. Those who have never tried it, don’t even imagine how long and painful this process might be, especially in high season and at the smaller stations. Filling up a tank of a yacht with a fuel has nothing to do with the same process you go with your car. It is all about the waiting. Nautical gas stations are usually equipped to take one yacht at the time, so, in the summer times, when there are many yachts who need fuel in the near, waiting in the line is inevitable. Then, the bigger the yacht, the more fuel it needs; and the more fuel it needs, the longer it takes to fill her up. So, you wait. It’s not uncommon that the large yachts use up all fuel supplies and you must wait for the new ones to come.

It is impossible to completely avoid waiting at the station in the high season, but here are some tips on how to minimize the inconveniences.