Benefits of Sailing Holidays

There’s so much you can see and do, and every sailing vacation is different. Explore an island, sail a yacht, relax on the beach – do what you want this vacation. Islands and sea are yours to enjoy! Depending on your destination, there are many new activities for you to try. Spend some time exploring islands and hiking beautiful trails for some amazing photo opportunities. Need some more proof? Here are 7 reasons to set sail.

Aerial view over the islands in the Adriatic

1. Best morning and evening views

How about waking up every morning to beautiful sea scenery and numerous islands ahead of you? Would you like to watch sunsets over the sea with your favorite drink in your hand? These are definitely one of the best things that sailing can offer you if you’re up to a new holiday adventure!

Hidden beach in Croatia

2. Learn something new

While on a sailing boat, why not learn to sail a bit? We are sure your skipper will encourage and teach you the basic techniques every experienced skipper learns as their first sailing skill. The sense of pride and achievement that comes with learning to sail is priceless. Everyone can learn to sail with just a little bit of persistence, and doesn’t that make a great story for all your friends?

3. Unique experiences and various destinations 

One interesting thing about sailing is that it is never boring or the same. On the contrary, you will go to bed in the evening probably knowing that tomorrow you will be going to a completely new place which will be your residence only for the following night because the exploring routine continues with every new day. Unlike typical holidays, you will discover so many new and different ports, each of them representing a new exploring ground. A week will feel like a much longer adventure due to all the things learned and seen. Every trip provides the opportunity to see new and never seen places. Even if you want to revisit last year’s destination, the islands are ever-changing with many different activities to try and places to see. If you choose to sail to Croatia, you can visit many islands, bays, and harbors in a short period of time.

Aeral view over the Croatian islands

4. Good company 

A sailing trip is one of the best bonding experiences ever, bringing friends and family closer, and turning perfect strangers into lifelong pals. Speaking of those you love most, sailing is the ultimate way to spend quality time with family or friends on your vacation. Unlike traditional destinations, you can be secluded on your yacht as well as try new activities to create lasting memories together. You won’t be bothered by tons of tourists when you set sail, and if you go as a group, you can split the cost for a budget-friendly getaway.

People enjoying a holiday on a yacht

5. Solitude

On the other hand, sailing is also a great opportunity to spend some time alone. Leave the noise, confusion, and stress of the world behind for a few days, or a few weeks, and experience the freedom of solitude. Also, if you decide to embark on a sailing boat by yourself, fear not, because we can assure you that, by the time your sailing adventure ends, you will make more new friends than expected. New interesting people are waiting for you in every port. Locals are very keen on showing you their customs, traditions, local food, etc. It is only up to you whether you want to discover it.

6. Relaxation time

The best feature of a yachting vacation is the time to relax. Sailing holidays give you the opportunity to get away, relax and temporarily forget about the real world and problems. Sailing can be fulfilling, whether you are soaking up the sun, lying in your hammock, or enjoying the beautiful sunset evening you will charge your battery for sure.


7. Happiness

You’ll get both mental and physical workouts on the water! Finally, sailing will bring more happiness into your life without a doubt. Ready to weigh anchor and set sail now? Sailing is free time from work and all the stress caused by everyday life – the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget the sea is probably the biggest and most fascinating playground!

Once you start sailing, you can never go back because there is no better way to relax and recharge your batteries after a stressful year. Croatia Charter will make sure you enjoy time with those you love, doing what you want, when, and where you want to. Explore the offer and book your holiday now!