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How to buy a boat on leasing

Many banks in Croatia are offering a wide selection of financing all kind of vessels: sailing boats, catamarans, cargo and passenger ships and vessels for special purposes, whether it’s purchase of a new boat or used boat.

Leasing may be requested by:

  • Trade companies, craftsmen, liberal professions
  • Citizens
  • Local government

There are two types of leasing:


Financial leasing provides that after expiration of the contract to become the owner of the leased asset. The lessor is the legal owner of the leased asset and the economic owner of the lessee.

  • The contract is concluded for a period of up to 60 months
  • The lessee is recorded and accounted for as depreciation and interest costs
  • After signing the contract, the lessee pays the agreed participation, the cost of processing contracts
  • Intended specifically for those who registered for VAT are entitled to a refund of input tax
  • Suitable for a lessee who may qualify for a return on capital investment
  • The lessee after paying the last leasing rate becomes the owner of the leased asset


Operational leasing allows you to use the leased asset and its replacement by a new contract. The lessor is the legal and economic owner of the leased asset.

  • The contract is concluded for a period of up to 60 months
  • VAT is paid monthly to the lease installment
  • After signing the contract, the lessee pays the agreed deposit and application fee contracts
  • The cost of initial registration and insurance can be financed by the lessor and included in the monthly lease installment
  • Is intended for companies and individuals, especially those in the system of VAT refund of input tax
  • Leasing contract does not provide for the purchase
  • It is possible to finance the contracting of the residual value

To begin the procedure of buying the vessel with leasing client need first to choose the boat and then receive the offer that must contain:

  • cost to the registration of vessels
  • the nature, type and brand of boat
  • the status of statutory benefits
  • technical specifications
  • Year of manufacture
  • for used boats should be indicated by year of production and operating hours

After receiving the offer that meets the demand for the leasing of vessels client need to collect all the required documents and submit to the selected bank.

After the credit is checked and approved for leasing, the lessee is coming to sign the contract after which the bank is required to pay the costs of processing contracts and the security deposit / advance (or participation), and insurance premiums. Upon payment of agreed contractual obligations they are forwarded to the vendor.

The lessee need to sign the record on the delivery of the vessel, take it over and perform the registration.

Insurance and standard instruments for the payment:

  • For all legal entities and businesses - debentures and promissory notes and the guarantee of the owner / director
  • For individuals, or citizens - promissory notes, debentures, or consent to the seizure of wages
  • It is very important that each vessel must have a comprehensive insurance policy.

If you have any additional questions please be so kind to contact us, our professional staff will be very glad to help you with any questions you might have.

Boat registration

After purchasing the vessel, the vessel must be registered in the Croatian Register of Shipping .First of all you need to know the category of your boat. There are two main categories of vessels under the Croatian flag:

  • Boat
  • Yacht


The boat belongs to any vessel bigger than 2.5 m and 12 m in length, or boats with a total capacity of propulsion machinery of more than 5 kW.

The vessel may be registered in each port authorities and more importantly any branch office, and get the label of port offices and a number, if it will be used for private purposes. Economic vessels are counted first, then mark offices.

Technical Overview for boats up to 5 m is only for first registration, and the vessels larger than 5m every five years and it usually done by port captain. Only the vessels for commercial purposes is regulated by different time intervals of technical review.


Vessel for pleasure, whether used for personal purposes or for economic activity, and whose length is bigger than 12 meters and is designed for longer voyages. Registration of a yacht can be done only at Port Authority and then they mark yacht name and location of office.

Technical review of the yacht is done by the Croatian Register of Shipping. For yacht for commercial purposes is once a year, a for sports and entertainment is every five years.

For yacht is also important to note that the procedure for registration of yachts from 12-24 m is much simpler than those above 24m.

In any case, we suggest that for the first registration of the boat or yacht you hire a company like ours that can do for you everything so you can save a lot of time and nerves in the registration and alignment of all institutions to timely obtain all the necessary paperwork.

For entry into the Croatian Register of Shipping following documents are required:

  • proof of ownership of a boat / ship (sales contract, invoice, customs declaration, gift agreement, etc.)
  • evidence of capacity, if the vessel is used for commercial activities
  • proof of registration of the economic activity of renting the vessels ( charter)
  • evidence that the vessel is deleted from overseas records if the vessel was in the foreign registration and wishes to enroll in a Croatian register
  • a copy of the compulsory insurance, if the boat driven has more than 15 kW
  • evidence that the vessel is deleted from the interational records if the vessel wants to enter the Croatian Register
  • proof of payment of customs duties and taxes
  • receipts duties
  • Confirmation of the ability of vessels to sail (or manufacturer's certificate of the competent authority the EC declaration of conformity by the EU directive 94/25, if the vessel was not built in Croatia.)