Brač - Your Golden Vacation

The island of Brač is the third largest island in the Adriatic Sea. Located between Split and Hvar, Brač has been one of the biggest attractions for its famous beach Zlatni rat and the Brač stone! There is no wonder why the Business Insider ranked it among the most beautiful islands in the world.

There is something special about Brač, the island of stone, olive and top-quality olive oil, attractive beaches, beautiful nature, and a relaxed lifestyle.


Brač is most known for its beach Zlatni rat in Bol, which is included on the list of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is long, golden, and covered in pebbles, surrounded by deep blue and turquoise water. It is situated less than 2 km from the town of Bol with enough space to accommodate over 10.000 people!

Covered with fine sand, it has a triangular shape with a prominent peak in the sea, the direction of which depends on the direction of the current. Because of favorable winds, Bol’s beach is popular with windsurfers and is the ideal place to admire the view.

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Aside from natural beauties, Bol is rich in historical sights, as well. One of the most known is the Dominican Monastery in Bol, built on the peninsula Glavica in the 15th century. There is also a museum in the monastery that contains a collection of prehistoric items, a numismatic collection, and a collection of underwater archeology.

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With around 3500 inhabitants, Supetar is the largest town on the island, the main port of entry on Brač as well as its administrative center. The harbor is an attractive place for a stroll and is backed by a small network of medieval streets lined with local cafes and small shops.

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This town was described in many ways and by many people, but the words of one man are truly special. A great Croatian poet, Tin Ujević once said:

‘Supetar is really the right place for an ideal holiday…a charming sun in the front of which the blue strand unwinds like an ingenuous innocence of a girl….and in the evening, a deep peace…in the heart of that poor soil and ungrateful stone, there is a moment of a high and passionate domestic poetry, a source of beauty that invites to stop….so many stars whose flickers are discreet….peace is entering into my being…’

The most outstanding attraction in town is the Church of the Annunciation which is worth checking out for the altar painting of the Annunciation and monumental staircase. It stands on the site of an early-Christian Basilica, St Peter’s, from which a mosaic and several old tombs were preserved. The basilica burned down and was rebuilt in 1604. In 1729 that church was destroyed in a fire, to be rebuilt in 1733.

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You should make your first stop at one of the island’s hidden bays for swimming and snorkeling, and if there’s time and interest, perhaps a short hike. Don’t forget to enjoy the morning sun as you relax and delight your senses with the sound of the waves and a chance of sighting the dolphins.

If you love mountaineering, climb to the top of Vidova Gora (778m), the highest summit on Brač and, at the same time, the highest summit amongst the Adriatic islands, from which is offered an unforgettable view over the Adriatic sea. From there, you can spot the islands Hvar, Šolta, and Vis, and admire the view of Mosor and Biokovo mountains!

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The island of Brač is endowed with magical bays and covered with forests of cypress trees. In its pasture goats graze on aromatic grasses, which gives their cheese a special taste. Sunny hills of the island are covered with vineyards, whose grapes produce excellent wine.

The most common grape varieties grown on Brač are Pošip (white wine), and Plavac Mali (red wine). Join a wine-tasting tour of the Stina Winery and the state-of-art winery located on Bol’s quayside, to sip your way through a selection of fabulous local wines.


Brač is well known for lamb meat, sheep cheese, olive oil, and mandarins. The food on the island is flavorsome, tasty, and varied. Dine at the Kopacina restaurant, in Donji Humac, to eat like a native. Baked lamb dishes, stews, seafood, and risottos are great examples of the local grub. Unusual specialties that are hard to find anywhere else in Croatia are vitalac, (lamb offal wrapped in lamb’s intestines and roasted on a spit) and dormice!


Brač stone is also known as the jewel of this island! This is the perfect souvenir you can take home with you. From this white stone, some of the most colossal monuments have been created, such as Diocletian’s Palace in Split, and many churches and palaces throughout Dalmatia. But Brač stone is famous worldwide as well – it was used in decorating the vestibule of the United Nations building in New York.

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Did you know that Brač and Krk are the only Croatian islands which you can reach by plane, as well? The airport on Brač is located near Bol, and you can take a flight from ten European destinations. Whether you’re traveling to Brač or Split, the best way to discover any island is from the sea – sailing to all hidden gems and beaches. Make a memory you will forever remember and explore yachts on Last minute offer.