Choosing the best sailboat

There is no such thing as a perfect boat. There is only a boat that is the best possible compromise between your budget, plans and preferences. When buying a yacht, there are several things you should bare in mind, such as sailing ground or sailing seasons when you will be using your boat. Another thing you should bare in mind are your physical abilities – how fit and strong you are to jump around, climb the ladder, transport fuel or water by jerry jugs and other physical activities are important factors when choosing a yacht. New models are designed to make all the things that need to be done aboard easier and simpler.

Still, these are all your personal preferences and individual thoughts. When buying a boat, you should take a reasonable and analytical perspective of things.
Even with all the available date, people still choose a specific boat, based on economic and aesthetics.

When it comes to sailing yachts, there are some formulas that can help us get clear perspective of the boat, and keep the expectations realistic.

These formulas give valuable clues to the relative motion and performance of different sailboats. This way you can, with mathematical precision, calculate certain important variables, and get the idea of what the sailboat is truly like. Interesting thing is that the most important factor in most calculations is not length, but displacement.