Lastovo Nature Park

According to the information of the Croatian National Tourist Board, the members of the Croatian Parliament proclaimed the archipelago of Lastovo a Nature Park. The archipelago comprises 44 islands and islets; Lastovo being the largest of the islands and Sušac the most remote island of the archipelago. Therefore, the nature park covers the group of islands to the west up to the islet of Bijelac, then island groups of Lastovnjaci and Vrhovnjaci to the east, including the surrounding sea and the undersea area.

The whole area is characterized by rich traditional and cultural heritage. The islands abound in cultural and historical sites, archeological localities, habitats of endemic and rare plants and animals, forests, reefs and diverse underwater world. The project will help avoid some negative impacts of tourism and uncontrolled development.

The islands were proposed for the protection under the category of a nature park. The category implies the protection of natural and partially cultivated area of both international and national importance. Lastovo Nature Park allows all the activities that cannot endanger the important features and values of the area.

The use of natural resources of the islands will never cease, though perhaps with some restrictions when endangering the environment. In spite of economic and tourist growth in the area, the project will encourage the environment protection, traditional agricultural production and non-massive tourism.

The project includes the whole series of plans for the archipelago. However, one of the main objectives is the development of tourism which implies the organization of new tourist recreational activities as well. This will help some of the most interesting places on the island of Lastovo preserve their beauty and wealth.

The archipelago of Lastovo is an ideal cruising ground offering many safe berths and anchorages. However, yachtsmen who have freely anchored in the archipelago will now have to pay for the service. The island itself is an amazing place with a lot to explore. Its southern wide and deep bay, along with Skrivena Luka, provides an excellent shelter, safe from bora and west winds. Lastovo Sailing BoatsNumbers of safe and picturesque coves can be found on the west coast of Lastovo and the east coast of the islet of Prežba, such as Jurjeva Luka providing safe anchorages from all winds. One can find some fine examples of sandy beaches in numerous sheltered coves of the surrounding islets; Kopište and Saplun being the most attractive. Zaklopatica bay, almost totally enclosed by a small islet of the same name, offers safe anchorages for yachts. It’s a well known paradise for divers.

All the visitors are expected to be friends of nature and to act accordingly.

Many of the surrounding islands and islets are not populated and are considered an oasis of unspoiled nature and tranquility. We can help preserve the most important values of the archipelago.