Lighthouses in Croatia

Lighthouses are located in more secluded areas and serve as daymarks and a warning signal at night. The first recorded lighthouse in history was the famous Pharos, built at the harbour entrance to Alexandria, Egypt. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, built around 280 BC. The Pharos was the tallest lighthouse ever built. Its structure was destroyed by an earthquake in the 14th century.

The story of the lighthouses in Croatia began in the 19th century. The oldest lighthouse dates back to 1818. It was built on the promontory of Savudrija, as ordered by Metternich, an Austrian politician to whom we owe the idea of building beautiful lighthouses along the Adriatic. These spacious structures built of stone, merged into landscapes of extraordinary beauty, surrounded by deep blue waters. Lighthouses are spacious with living quarters depending on the number of keepers and assistants.

Due to modern technological and navigational advances, the position of lighthouse keepers has been gradually diminishing. Lighthouses have become major tourist attractions and have been adapted accordingly. Now they provide great accommodation for tourists, completely different experience and unique impressions of the sea. Imagine climbing the circular stairs to the top of a lighthouse to enjoy spectacular views of the surroundings, away from civilization and bustling towns. This is a great opportunity for all who seek a quiet break away.

These wonderful oases offer an unforgettable adventure in natural environment. The interior is perhaps rather modest than a hotel accommodation, but still comfortable. Tourists can enjoy beautiful surroundings, crystal waters, striking sunsets and most of all a stress free vacation.

Lighthouses are quite popular even during the low season which results in adaptation of these houses and preparation for the winter months. Winter brings stillness that has to be experienced. Therefore, some of the lighthouses along the Adriatic are available throughout the year. Many people are attracted to the idea of spending their vacation in some of the most extravagant places. They always search for something different. Well, what about the New Year’s celebration in a lighthouse? Quiet and somewhat mystic environment may sound pretty tempting to many people who would rather avoid loud and noisy places, or expensive hotels.

The lighthouses available for winter vacation are as follows: Savudrija, the northernmost Croatian lighthouse; Struga situated in the southern part of Lastovo; St Peter, built on the peninsula at the entrance of Makarska; St John, located on the most remote islet of the archipelago of Rovinj; Porer built on the islet near Pula; Prišnjak, located near Murter and Ploeica, located between the islands of Hvar and Koreula. Only a few are equipped with heating.

Lighthouses on the Croatian islands and promontories provide exquisite settings for special and simply different vacations.Take the opportunity to experience the unique adventure of life in a lighthouse. Enjoy the striking views of the sea and beautiful surroundings.