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Hvar – the island with the most sun hours in a year

‘The Traveller’ has given the Island of Hvar not only the flattering but also the well-deserved title of being one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world.

It is the longest and the sunniest Croatian island which makes it a perfect spot for your next adventure!

Here are some unique things to do on Hvar

  1. Visit Spanish Fortress for a stunning sea view 

Located in Old Town Hvar on 90 meters above sea level, the medieval castle Fortica Španjola was built in the 13th century. It’s about a 20-minute walk from the city, and the climb to the top is very pleasant – but the reward at the finish line is what’s worth it. At this point, you should go and admire this beauty with a day-view of deep blue sea, green nature, and local red houses. And you should also go by the end of the day just in time for a sunset to enjoy the never-ending sky filled with beautiful colors.

You can reach Dubovica beach by sailing the sea from the Hvar harbor, or by driving 8 kilometers on the road. You will be fascinated by the clear blue sea and pebble beach with the cutest stone house and a cozy beach bar.

Also, Dubovica will give you an unforgettable experience on the shore and above the sea, as well as underneath – it’s perfect for diving enthusiasts who love exploring the underwater world.

This is maybe the best starting point to explore Hvar, and you should do just that after you experience Vrboska to the fullest. This smallest island town on Hvar is known as ‘Little Venice’ due to the numerous small bridges that stretch across the city.

There is a unique islet in the middle of the bay, which is protected as a natural rarity, whose palm tree is truly an attraction. Everyone is attracted to Vrboska because of the rare atmosphere going through the town’s roads, bridges, and beaches. And by being a fishing city, the top Mediterranean cuisine is waiting to surprise your taste buds for sure!

Seen from the city and Spanish Fortress Fortica, the surreal chain of islet holds the best one-day trip title. The islets are named Pakleni Islands – meaning Hell Islands translated in English. But the name derives from the word ‘paklina’ – a pine resin that was once harvested here to waterproof boats.

If you’re ready to embark on a tour with a full day of sailing & adventure for those who love the sea, you should sail over to Pakleni Islands for snorkeling and swimming. Hell Islands are perfect for a heavenly day trip. There are many hidden coves around the archipelago which provide the ideal spot to spend a few hours enjoying the Adriatic.

If you get hungry, you’re just in the right place, Pakleni Islands are home to some of the best restaurants in Adriatic. Places like Dionis or Laganini provide freshly caught fish and other local delicacies that, believe us, taste better than anywhere else in the world.

Or you can just lounge in Carpe Diem with family-friendly beach fun during the day and all-night parties after dark.

One of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomena – the Blue Cave (Modra Špilja) on the island Biševo is the scenery you will never forget! As the name reveals, you will see the blue magic which is created by reflected sunlight that lights up the cave above and below the sea surface.

Get to know Hvar

Hvar is divided into four administrative units: Jelsa, Hvar, Stari Grad, and Sućuraj. And all of them have something special to broaden your traveling experience.

Because of its location, Jelsa is also a great starting point to explore Hvar to the fullest. Also, the town of Jelsa will surely fill the expectations if not overcome them when it comes to wonderful beaches and bays.

Hvar Town will show you the historical and cultural values of this island through mentioned Spanish Fortress, the Cathedral of St. Stephen, and the town Loggia with the nearby bell tower and the 13th-century arsenal.

Stari Grad (meaning: “Old City”), positioned in the middle of the Hvar Island, is an ancient town with a rich history and plenty of interesting landmarks to discover. It is said to be the oldest town in Croatia and one of the oldest in Europe.

The closest to the Croatia mainland is Sućuraj with 3 nautical miles from Makarska. It is the smallest town on Hvar Island and is perfect for history enthusiasts. While walking through Sućuraj you will be able to see different archeological forms of its varied past that the town managed to preserve.

Make Hvar on your destination list for 2022

Starting from Split, you can sail with your chartered yacht to the center of Hvar Town. But be sure to prepare yourself with the boat that suits you the best by starting your adventure on time and taking the opportunity to book your sailing for 2022 with discounts of up to 20% on the Early booking offer