Marina Cervar Porat

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45°16.70′ N – 13°36.20′ E

Address: Riva Amfora 8
Tel: +385 052 43 66 61
Fax: +385 052 43 63 20

The marina is open year round. It is located on the southeastern part of Cervar inlet.

The entrance of the marina is not very visible because of the breakwater, which makes the approach somewhat difficult. The marina should be approached in the middle of the Cervar inlet. Care should be taken of the shoal in front of Cape Puntica, which isn’t visible because of dark water.

There are 300 sea-berths for yachts 3-25 m long and about 50 dry-berths for yachts 3-13 m long. Anchoring in the marina is not permitted. The marina is protected from winds, but maestral and tramontana can cause a heavy swell.

Facilities include a reception office, hotel with restaurant, snack-bar, cafe/bar, showers and toilets, self-service shop, sports grounds, water and electricity hook-ups, exchange office and fuel. Services include a crane (12 t), small slipway, equipment for transport and berthing of craft on land, repairs to hull, engine, sails and masts.

In the Area:
Above the village of Cervar-porat are the remains of a fort and medieval tower. Porec, a well-known tourist destination nearby, is a small town on the western shore of Istria. With an abundance of beaches, islets (St. Nicholas) and the tourist resorts of Blue Lagoon (Plava laguna) and Green Lagoon (Zelena laguna), it is one of the most famous holiday resorts on the Adriatic coast. Some of the most important sights include the St. Euphrasius’ Basilica (6 C) and the Porec Regional Museum in the Sincic Mansion (17 C). A castle on the islet of St. Nicholas has been turned into a hotel; the tower is one of the oldes preserved lighthouses on the Adriatic (1402). Art exhibitions and many summer festivals take place every year.

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