My first sailing experience

Hi there,

I’ve visited Croatia several times, but never thought of it as a wonderful sailing destination. So I finally made all the arrangements with my friends and went for our first sailing journey. Of course we hired a captain, who was more than excellent guide, I must say. Not only he was responsible for navigation, but he took us to some excellent restaurants to taste delicacies and specialties of the Croatian cuisine. We were so enthusiastic about all that and wanted to learn as much as possible during our journey. All that excitement and our lack of experience must have been amusing for our captain for we had a number of funny moments. Thank God for his patience! Anyway, we really enjoyed sailing and our captain made it more adventurous. The boat was comfortable, no malfunctions, so we spent more than a pleasant week in Croatia. We love this beautiful area, islands, beaches, ports… We’ve been to many places, starting from Split, Brac, Hvar, down to Dubrovnik, all made strong impression on our group. The weather was fine, except those three days of raining. It was an excellent period for sailing, a bit windy, not too hot. Since we didn’t have the opportunity to visit all those beautiful places we wanted to, we are thinking of coming once again in September, hoping to hire our friendly captain as well.

See you soon in Croatia,
Martin Harms