Prestige 34 proves great value for money

In the category of middle class recreational yachts value for money ratio has always been one of the most important features. For many years Jeanneau boats have been the most popular yachts in this segment. Due to high quality production techniques, attractive design and competitive prices, Jeanneau’s middle size boats became among the most sought after in the market.

One of the most popular models in the sector is the swift and attractive Prestige 34. Since her appearance in the market only 5 years ago till today, 500 boats have been sold. The entire Prestige fleet is designed to meet most of the requirements set by the modern recreational yachtsmen, as well as the yacht market, and the Prestige 34 is one of the brightest examples.

She is available in Open and Sportop versions, which makes her interesting to a larger market segment.

Celebrating the 500th Prestige 34 to come out of the Jeanneau shipyard, we present you our fleet of Jeanneau boats for charter and sale. Enjoy!