Pula, destination of the month

October brings a whole new aspect of spending vacation in Croatia. It is the best month for pleasant travel while absorbing the warmth of the autumn sun. Treat yourself to a relaxed vacation and experience the beautiful colours of this inspirational season.

Though the sailing season is gradually approaching its end, excellent weather conditions still allow you to experience the adventure of cruising the Croatian waters.

Our top destination is Pula, a town situated on the southwestern coast of Istria. Its great position and pleasant climate make it one of the most attractive and popular destinations in Croatia. It is the town of rich history and culture, a number of tourist sites, a place to suit all ages. One of the most famous and important tourist sites in Croatia is the Roman amphitheatre in Pula, known as Arena, now a host of different cultural events and festivals. Pula is known for many preserved ancient buildings and monuments; the triumphal Arch of Sergius which commemorates the Sergius family, the Temple of Augustus dedicated to the emperor Augustus, the Castle with four bastions, primarily built for defensive purposes, today hosts the Historical Museum of Istria, the whole old quarter of narrow streets, then Forum, the central gathering place, etc.

Visitors can benefit from various attractions this town offers. The town boasts of interesting and wonderfully designed parks with a number of plant species, offering tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Apart from magnificent historical sites, visitors can enjoy a number of recreational activities and entertainment programs due to various tourist facilities, sports grounds, water sport activities, restaurants, casinos, excursions.

Pula is an excellent starting base for sailing enthusiasts to explore the surrounding natural harbours and beautiful anchorages. The town benefits from two marinas which provide safe mooring and are ideal point of departure towards the islands of Brijuni, which consist of two larger islands, Veli and Mali Brijun and 12 smaller islands. The islands are located off the southwest coast of Istria and are within easy reach from Pula. Brijuni islands offer extremely rich vegetation, natural beauty and tranquility. Daily excursions to Brijuni Islands are pretty popular and still running. The excursion includes the safari park tour with rich flora and fauna, a visit to the Archeological Museum of Brijuni and to the gothic church of St. German.

Since the endpoints of sailing season has changed apparently, one could take a week tour on board his yacht, take advantage of good weather conditions and organize himself an adventurous vacation. Otherwise, take a tour of this beautiful town and its surroundings. Explore its many historical and tourist attractions and enjoy a pleasure of your vacation.